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Simplify AA, AT and Artillery

Guest PowerGmbH

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Guest PowerGmbH

Engine: Current

Synopsis: all land Units can Upgrade with ONE (Armor maybe with two) of the Features: AA, AT or Artillery

Summary: In the Same way a Army can Upgrade Motorization or Inf-Weapons, this same Army can Upgrade with ONE of the Features: Artillery OR Anti Air. Same for Corps and so on.

The Upgrade may look similar to the little Number of i.e. Motorization. THe Upgrade may cost similar to a Anti Air Unit. THe Reaction of a AA Upgraded Corps is similar to a Actual AA Unit: When a Bomber/Fighter Attacs it Reacts...

Similar would be the Upgrade for a Army with Artilley Bataillons "inside".

Why have a whole Bunch of units if at least most of these Units (AA,AT,Artillery) where grouped "inside" the Armys and Corps Divisions.

Contra: Maybe someone likes too much this units...


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