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Found 3 results

  1. Just a quick little announcement. @IanL and myself have recorded weather observations from across the Ukraine over the past three months. This just so happens to be the same time frame as the conflict depicted in CMBS. Who have thought? Do you want to add a bit more authenticity to your scenarios and quick battles? Why not fight in the actual weather conditions that occurred in that part of the country at that given day and hour? Records are for key points across the country (including the area focused on by base game content), at three hour intervals across the entire summer. IanL has designed a little script that is still recording the weather in the region on a daily basis. So just in case (if and when) CMBS one day gets it's timeline extended, we'll be able to extend these records out further. Maybe one day... Enjoy! http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=5228
  2. Cross posting from the CMAK forum because we might be seeing a problem in the CMBB OPERATION To the Volga. Has anyone else noticed whether weather has an impact on the continued availability of air support during operations? Our concern is that one battle of non-clear weather (or night) might prevent the air support from showing up for ensuing daytime battles that have clear weather. If so, then Operations should always have air support built into the reinforcements. The manual seems tacit on this.
  3. Has anyone done any rigorous (or semi-rigorous, or hell, I don't know) studies regarding weather and sensors in-game? How much, for instance, does an in-game downpour degrade your UAVs? Your M1A2s? Your Javelins? Whatever trash Red uses instead? I've just been told that the downpour I picked could degrade my UAVs, and my reaction was my standard "huh?"
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