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Found 3 results

  1. hey by any chance dose anyone know how to swap cars for faction i want to change the Canadian g wagon for the Dutch g wagon
  2. I'm trying to build a firing range for more TTP videos, and I want to place a bunch of empty vehicles as targets. I purchase a bunch of vehicles, but if I set vehicle status to 'Dismounted' I receive no vehicles. If I set them to 'Immobilized' they are deployable, but they shoot at anything trying to shoot them. If I set them to 'Destroyed', they exist, but units refuse to target and shoot them. Is there a way to place non-destroyed empty vehicles as static targets? Or is there some other method to place vehicles as static targets?
  3. I have done a test about vehicle speeds (Kubel, Opel Blitz, 251/1) on different types of terrain. Here are the results: At normal speed, no matter what kind of ground, the speed for all vehicles is 16 km/h. 16 km/h on rocky terrain and 16 km/h on a paved road? This does not seem right to me. The speed on very bad ground (like rocky) seems way to high to me. Driving with 16 km/h on rocky terrain with a truck? Good luck! The normal speed for that terrain IMO should be 10 km/h at maximum. Probably walking speed to avoid severe damage after a few meters would be more suited from realism point of view. Transferring this into more realistic game factors this maybe could result in 5 km/h for normal speed (inflicting no damage) and maybe 16 km/h at fastest speed - but with a dramatically increased chance to damage the vehicle. This leads me to the third problem I see: because bad terrain does not have a devastating impact on speed (or on damage, if the terrain is ignored by the player and he orders a fast movement) the variation in speed between the different types of terrain seems not big enough. For example: "normal" speed: on paved road for a Jeep could be around 50 km/h, but 5 km/h on rocky. Fast: IMO shows a nice variation between terrain types (12 - 70 km/h) - but sadly damage is missing completely. What do you think about the numbers?
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