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Found 1 result

  1. Good day to all of you my friends and my enemies (just kidding - love you all <3 lol). I have a very simple question for you - do you think that upgrading M60 MBT is a rational decision? Please elaborate on this topic. Now from my side I will elaborate on why I'm asking about it - > We have a lot of stuff in stock, and sometimes recycling costs a lot. So what we do sometimes is simply let those things rest in those feilds. But then some time ago I've noticed that there are different opinions about those tanks - some people, some organizations, some constructors are saying that there might be some chance for a second life for those things. So I've viewed few videos, rad few things, and went through some photos and I saw things like this: then I saw those Leonardo Upgrades: So what do you guys think about it? Do you think it got some potential or doing something like that (in large numbers) would be a massive waste of money? Another sub question: You think if some of those programs would be accepted it would be a product for American Military or it should be sold somewhere in Asia? Thank you for your participation. I know Israel was making its "Sabras" for some time.
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