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Found 4 results

  1. I'm very much excited for our Xmas bone on the new module for CMFI. The addition of the SS and Luftwaffe Field Divisions has got me very excited. I was reflecting on the units already in game and how new modules add details and tweaks to what we already have as well as new content. Gustav Line for instance added Fallschirmjager to the new setting, Italy but also added them to Sicily. I just have a few words on the topic of Luftwaffe uniforms. With Field Divisions coming in the update, I believe it is a good opportunity to update the HG uniforms for Italy. Nearly all of the assets required are already in the game! With the SS coming, the oakleaf smocks would also be available. It would just require making sure the HG has the correct insignia and cuffbands, and do not share textures with the Field Divisions. I would suggest tagging the skins so that in appearance there is Standard, Greatcoat, but also Mixed Camo (as in Red Thunder). I would also suggest ensuring that Field Divisions do not share a skin with the HG troops. HG troops and Fallschirmjager are already separate, and in Red Thunder panzergrenadier can have different uniforms than the regular Heer infantry with the Panzergrenadier and Armored Infantry appearance options. As you can see, the HG tropical M1943 uniform is already in game. April 1943, the use of the color piped collar tabs was discontinued. Plain White tabs were to be worn by all members of the Hermann Goering Division. The waffenfarbe was to be shown on the piping on the shoulder straps. January of 1944, the use of the white collar tabs was abolished from use on the field uniform. The ranking gulls were punched directly through the collar lapel. Shoulder straps still used the waffenfarbe piping as before. The cuff title was a blue cloth with "General Goering" embroidered onto it. Due to the multi specialty nature of this unit, there were many garments which were approved for use. These range from Panzer Wraps, HBT light weight uniforms, camo garments, and many others. Infantry piping was white as well. By contrast, here are some Field Division uniforms from the same time period, including one from Italy.
  2. It seems that CMSF2 will be a huge thing for all of us. The game we all waiting for. As a CM series fan and as a guy who likes to make mods sometimes I'm looking forward to play and mod this game. All my mods related to CMSF will be presented in this topic. I never played that very first CMSF game so for me it will be a new thing. Yet, I'm quite sure that this game will be wonderful.
  3. Hi Guys 1) Can somebody tell me how work the game system to read and allowed or attribuated uniforms or helmets ? Helmet number "x" instead helmet number "y" to a specific uniform. 2) What are the files (...lod.mdr) what are they doing exactly in the game... are they the key of this choice? 3) About helmets: ready to play I can see all soldiers with differents helmets but only I can "see" smod_german_helmet-soldier ("0,2,3,4) smod "0" for helmet soldier.bmp,"2"is smod helmet soldier 2.bmp...,and in the game I have helmet soldier1 dont appear and "5" "6" "7" "8"are from a mod but dont appear in the game ? I know this cos I sacrified a set of uniforms and helmets with drawing number on the pictures and loading the game to see the result. How can I attribuated a specific helmet for exemple one from a loading mod ? Thanks in advance to your answer
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