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Found 3 results

  1. Trying to get a better understanding of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Precision Guided Munitions and Laser Warning Receivers. I did some experiments to determine which UAVs triggered LWR on OpFor vehicles when targeting those vehicles (US M1 Tank and Russian T-90AM Tank). This is what I found. Russian UAVs: Pchela-1T No / Orlan-10 Yes / ZALA Yes (No PG just conventional) US UAVs: Raven No / Shadow Yes / Gray Eagle No. The CMBS game manual page 95 states the Raven may have a laser. The 4.0 Engine manual page 80 states the Raven is too small for a laser. But it can spot for precision rounds and does not set off LWRs. The CMBS game manual page 96 states the Gray Eagle has a laser. However in the experiment it did not set off LWRs. The 4.0 engine manual page 80 states the ZALA is too small for a laser. However it does set off LWRs when targeting OpFor vehicles with conventional munitions. The ZALA is the only UAV that can’t spot for precision munitions. Any corrections, clarifications or comments welcome. Did I get it right? Are the manuals a bit off?
  2. Apparently the Ukranian forces are using UAVs. Any plans to give Ukranian forces UAV assets in the first "content pack" (or whatever term Battlefront uses to describe add-on features)?
  3. Hi, I'm playing a mission, NATO side, and am given UAV's and Apache air support. At the moment one of my UAV's spotted two Russian IFV's, within 100 meters of each other. When calling in the air support, via the UAV operator (a Fire Control Team), does it matter if I use point targets on the IFV's (so two separate fire-missions, + 2 times waiting time) or an area target (including both IFV's in a single fire mission). My big question is; does one or the other way, makes a difference in spotting and/or engaging (air support wise) the IFV's. And does the area mission reduce the chances of engagement enough to justify the use of two separate point fire-missions, + 2 times waiting time? Thanks in advance!
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