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Found 2 results

  1. It seems to me that the available RPG ammo for Syrian forces in QB's is most of the time very limited, and similar to the amount of ammo that the editor provides when supply is selected at 'limited' or 'scarce'. For example: when buying a SF company in a QB almost all Special Forces squads have only 2 AT rounds for the RPG-29 launcher, no thermobaric rounds at all. In the editor a full load gives 3 AT + 2 Therm, while an 'adequate load' gives 2AT + 2 Therm. Only at 'Limited' or 'Scarce' there are just 2 AT rounds available. I have tried changing the 'excellent/good/fair/ etc equipment status and playing with soft factors, but that doesn't seem to make much difference. I found this out while going through the available forces in CMSF2 QB's. I was trying to build a force with Airborne troops or Special forces, but they seem very underwhelming equipped with RPG rounds. The only force that I have found to have reasonable stable availability of RPG ammo are the republican guards with 2 AT + 2 HE rounds. Yes I do know that a lot of vehicles have RPG rounds available, but still I'm surprised at the standard loadouts. For the special forces I don't know anyway of aquiring extra RPG-29 rounds, so they are not as effective in QB's as they could or should be imo. I don't think this is intentional?
  2. Is it possible to save a user created formation created before a quick battle? I want to create several formations of different values for even quicker access, especially for head to head games.
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