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Found 3 results

  1. Future task for modders (or BFC). "Wet looks" for vehicles, infantry and maybe objects in wet environmental conditions (rain, fog, mist...). The upper two pics is Aris original Stug IIIG late. The bottom one has the textures (with stock games muddy tag) slightly increased in color saturation, while the same time somewhat darkened and increased in contrast. Also added some crude normal maps with NVidia tools normal map creator. Difference is not huge, but most "weathering" is made only with consideration to dry environments and it doesn´t look that convincing in non dry conditions IMO.
  2. Ok, did some very basic preliminary tests. Mostly seeing what can be done without hex editing. Did some texture swapping and used some masks to get the results I was looking for. These aren't perfect just proof of concept/dipping my toes. This won't be as good as my old civil war and mixed combatant mods but it'll do. With the Syrian Reserves being 98% free of shared textures a very decent Civil War mod and scenarios can be produced. Best results as I see it would be Syrian Reserves (Infantry and Mech), Combatants and Fighters against Syrian Mech, Guards, Airborne and Spec Ops. The Reserves have a pretty decent selection of tanks (and access to most AFV/IFVs) so it would be a decent match up. Here's some alpha pics to get your imagination pumping. NOTE: Combatants are not mixed in with Syrian Reserves. Mord.
  3. Hello I am well aware that the CM graphics engine seems to load hi or low res textures for terrain depending on how far away from the camera they are. This is for all the CM titles. Some terrain types/features which are more 3D (like wheat fields or vineyards) actually look like flat terrain when viewed at ranges beyond this high res texture loading range. Although I understand that this is a way to reduce the graphical load on the PC/gfx card, it doesn't really look too nice when you pan/zoom around the map and you see the high res textures swapping out fro lower res versions. I am wondering whether this seemingly arbitrary "radius from camera" distance can be modified to suit higher specked systems. It does seem odd that this arbitrary "radius" range at which high res textures flip to has (in my experience) has remained fixed from when CM first came out, despite PC systems and graphics cards becoming more capable. Are we stuck with this range or can it be modified? Unless someone can correct me, I am quite sure that because of the (idiosyncratic/unorthodox) way CM graphics have been designed/coded, the game engine does not allow higher performance systems/graphics cards to process the game graphics as well as they would/should. It's like the graphics performance bottleneck is more a function of the game coding than it is of the PC system, which really is a shame. PS: I have also realised that this dynamic transitional low/high res texture change that occurs is most pronounced when the high res/close range textures are not very similar to the distant/low res textures (of course). Would be interesting to hear from terrain modders how/if they ever deal with this issue. Where/what exactly are the low res distant textures anyway? I have seen mod terrain graphics with the word "distant" in them as well as "mini" and I think both are related to the "low res" textures that get loaded.
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