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Found 1 result

  1. Situation NATO forces have deployed along the Dnieper River in a desperate attempt to stop the Russian forces that smashed Ukrainian forces in the area of the frontier twenty-three days ago. The Russian forces, consisting of the storied 8th Guards Tank Army reinforced with an additional tank regiment, are racing west on the E-50. Ukrainian resistance has evaporated. The U.S. 2nd Infantry Division has been thrown forward, with orders to stop the Russian advance. The 3rd Brigade of the 2nd Infantry Division is located approximately twenty kilometers in front of you, directly on the E-50. The 2nd Infantry Division TOC is located with them. In the last 48 hours, Russian mechanized infantry has pushed out two salients around 3rd Brigade that threaten to surround it. The salients are very close to closing on the small town of Novohurivka, a tiny hamlet directly on E-50. The general lift battalion from the 101st Airborne (Airmobile) is currently supplying the 3rd Brigade by air. E-50 is one of two MSRs supplying 3rd Brigade, and therefore must be secured again as soon as possible. The E-50 runs directly through Novohurivka. In addition, there is a small, ancient smuggler’s route running east and west located just off the E-50 to the south that 8th Guards is using to funnel supplies and equipment into Novohurivka. There is also a ridgeline that crosses the E-50 running north and south that is being used by 8th Guards for firing positions. As the pinchers close on 3rd Brigade, the 8th Guards Tank Army is committing more and more units to the encirclement, including large numbers of aircraft. Units from three separate regiments have been identified. This leads to the conclusion that 3rd Brigade is under attack from at least a division sized element of 8th Guards Tank Army. In the last thirty minutes, 3rd Brigade has been attacked from several directions; two mechanized companies at separate positions on 3rd Brigade’s perimeter have been overrun and destroyed. Enemy armor was destroyed less than 500 meters from 2nd Division TOC. Under this enormous pressure, 3rd Brigade has turned west, and is fighting towards your position. Mission Your mission is to occupy and secure the MSR from any possible enemy interdiction, and allow it to be used to resupply and relieve 3rd Brigade. You are to hold the E-50 open and allow 1st Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division to pass through you one hour from now. In one hour, a battalion of the 101st will conduct an air assault into the area occupied by 2nd TOC and 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division. At the same time, 1st Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, which is forming up behind you, will pass through you to join with and relieve 3rd Brigade. The E-50 must be clear of enemy forces by then, or we risk losing 2nd TOC, 3rd Brigade, and any airmobile forces lifted in to them. To meet this timetable and to relieve 3rd Brigade at the earliest possible time, you must clear the E-50, the smuggler’s route, the ridge and Novohurivka itself of enemy forces within 30 minutes. Friendly Forces You command Task Force Jammer, a balanced Task Force centered on the 2nd battalion of the 9th Infantry, 1st Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division. Task Force Jammer redeployed from Korea to this theatre 16 days ago, and has been re-equipping and training hard. Morale is high, all supplies are complete and all personnel are completely acclimated. Task Force Jammer is strung out along the E-50, and there appears to be questions about exactly where the maneuver elements of your command are. In theory, your Teams were traveling east on or near the E-50 about three minutes apart, with Task Force HHC traveling between Alpha and Bravo. It is possible that that is no longer the case. You will be allocated CAS and artillery as deemed necessary. Enemy Forces You face the 8th Guards Tank Army. They are equipped with the best the Russian army has to offer. They are allocating both artillery and CAS to the Novohurivka area as it becomes apparent that supply for our 3rd Brigade is in jeopardy and that the encirclement may succeed. Both enemy ground forces and support for those enemy forces are increasing by the minute. At least one company of mechanized infantry is dug in around Novohurivka, and more is arriving from the north, south and east. G-2 is not able to say how many forces are bound for the E-50, and how many are simply moving southwest through the area adjacent to the E-50 to attack the other hardball supplying 3rd Brigade. Plan Make the plan, Colonel. You do not have time to be delayed by anything. Design Notes Play as American vs. the computer only. There are no Blue plans, and a human Red player would have overwhelming strength. This is not a scenario for junior officers. If you are a company grade officer who prefers small numbers of subordinates, this scenario is not for you. This scenario is for Lieutenant Colonels and higher ranks. Various mechanisms have been used to make different reinforcement units appear to come from different places at different times. The vision was to create a scenario that would always play differently. Therefore, there are Red reinforcements that don’t always show up— their variable time takes them past the end of the scenario most of the time. In very rare instances, no Red reinforcements will show up. In a scenario that would be equally rare, they all might show up, and then you’re going to get your pecker stomped shut. In between the two extremes should be good, unpredictable games. It is also a very hard scenario to win. I’m waiting on directions on how to change my apostrophes back from illegible DOS goop to apostrophes. I also need to figure out how to create graphics for Strategic, Operational and Tactical maps. You may end up with Xs and Os.
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