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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. There used to be a button on the UI to stop a target from being fired upon. It was called 'Clear Target'. Has this been moved to another location or is there been a new method for doing this? Thank you
  2. This was mentioned in a different thread by @PhilM. I come across this dilemma in almost every mission: Is it best to let the AI pick the targets or should I assign the targets. Both seem to have advantages and disadvantages. Often the AI will identify and engage OpFor troops until those troops duck for cover. Then the AI will stop shooting. The OpFor troops will recover from the suppression pop back up and start shooting again probably causing some friendly casualties or suppression. The AI will reacquire the OpFor unit, engage and the cycle starts over again. If I assign a unit to area fire on an OpFor unit (not target directly) the unit will keep up the area fire on the OpFor as long as I specify (and ammo allows) usually keeping the OpFor suppressed. So no problems from that OpFor unit. The downside is if another target appears the friendly unit will most times ignore the new target which may be a better/more dangerous target than the one originally assigned. Sometimes with bad consequences. As a result, when possible I have used Target Briefly so a unit has part of the WEGO minute to choose targets after it is done area firing. Also try to put some units on area fire and some left to AI target however there is often not the luxury of having enough units to do all the jobs required at the height of a fire fight. I was curious how other players handle this dilemma and the tactics they employ.
  3. I was trying to find a list of priority US FS targets when I came across this, JP 3-09 Joint Fire Support, the "how you do it" pub on Joint fire Support for the entire US military and allies. There is much to learn here, so it's worth learning a lot of acronyms. The appendices are full of practical info on the use and limitations of various US FS systems. Grog central! This is a 2014 doc. http://www.dtic.mil/doctrine/new_pubs/jp3_09.pdf The complementary doc from 2013 is JP 3-60 Joint Targeting. This one is much easier to read, since it deals with much more concrete matters, with clear definitions in the text. http://tinyurl.com/glymkyk After you've hit the target or targets, you want to know what you achieved or didn't. For that, you turn to the Commander's Handbook for Joint Battle Damage Assessment, published in 2004. This tells you which assets can tell you what, and to what level of accuracy. What I particularly like about this one is it gives comparisons, of various types of targets before and after hitting them, so the brain has something more solid than text and charts. Here, it is all about maps, target sets, Commander's Intent, target priorities, time urgency and more. http://www.dtic.mil/doctrine/doctrine/jwfc/hbk_jbda.pdf Regards, John Kettler
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