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Found 7 results

  1. The Battle of Arracourt was one the largest armour clashes of the war. Elements from three fresh Panzer Brigades formed a spearhead that struck George Patton's US 3rd Army in the Lorraine region of France in mid-September 1944. CCA of the 4th Armored Division faced the counter attack across the rolling hilly areas around Arracourt from the 19th of September before petering out in a stalemate by the 29th of September. The US advance to the German border was halted for the time being, but at a cost of most of the Panzer reserve fresh from August production runs within Germany. The battle also solidified the 4th Armored Division as one of the premier forces of the US Army of World War 2. Fun Fact: Mid-September operational Panzer strength across the western European front was estimated to be around 671 Panzers and StuG's, of which 390 were committed to the Lorraine fighting around Arracourt, compared to only 114 at Arnhem. (Zaloga) The Lorraine campaign is somewhat overlooked within mainstream wargaming in favour of the more diverse array of forces for the concurrent Operation Market Garden to the north. This common interest in the armoured clashes in eastern France brought @Holdit, @Rinaldi, @Mad Mike, and @Ithikial_AU together to create a range of scenarios covering the main engagements from this period. Please note this is just four guys from the CM community and nothing to do with a BF Battlepack release. The team is working away on some big maps and battalion(+) armored battles fought between CCA of the 4 Armored Division and Panzer Brigade 111 and 113. Plans - 8 Scenarios - To cover the fighting from the 18th of September (2nd Battle of Luneville) through to the fighting at Juvalize north east of Arracourt on the 23rd of September. - Master Maps and Quick Battle Maps - From the scenarios above to allow you to 'slice and dice' in the editor for your own fights. - (Possible) Campaign - A linear campaign option from the US point of view to track losses from CCA for those wanting more of a challenge. - (Possible) H2H Multiplayer Campaign Tracker - Separate external setup (likely MS Excel based) to give the MP crowd a tracking system for those wanting to fight through the entire series of battles with their regular opponents. - (Possible) Mods - A few mod-tagged mods to give it a bit more of the right 'feel'. (We need to check with the mod authors closer to the date). Release: When it's done! However, Rinaldi already has a battle up for testing over at The Proving Grounds, get it here: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tpg2/cm-battle-for-normandy/duel-in-the-mist-2-0/ Feel free to ask any questions below and one of us will be along to answer them soon. Other than that please see a few preview pictures to make you hungry for tank on tank action. Oh and I hope you like fog. [Incomplete] South eastern approach to Luneville. Can the 2nd Cav "Pattons Ghosts" stop the Panthers and Panzergrenadier attack? From the other direction to give you a sense of the scale of this map from @Holdit.
  2. So, I've been trying to learn how to play on the tutorial mission, and I've realized something: The armor given to you is completely useless.Let me explain my situation So, my plan is to attack through the north field. This would allow me to avoid their anti tank gun with concealment, and a few of their regiments thanks to the bushes along the road. Here's the biggest problem: *Armor can't run over hedges*. For whatever reaeson the tanks can't go through gaps in hedges or or fences something, but they must always drive along the road and then come back off of it. I don't know what gun Germany is using in this scenario, but one hit from it leaves the tank combat ineffective, and I can't issue any more orders to it, which means they'll just keep attacking it until it's destroyed. This gun has overwatch across half of the map, so the moment a tank has gone on the road, they are in extreme danger. So, I guess my question is, what's your advice on using these things? I haven't been able to find a "fire on the move" button, and opening up seems to do absolutely nothing for your line of sight sadly, when that was a huge part of of going hull down, your commander directing the gunner so he ecould fire at what he couldn't see from that position. I really could us some advice.
  3. If anyone remembers from playing "Barbarossa to Berlin", you could order your tanks to "seek hull-down positions" and to "shoot and scoot". I found these to be essential, even in turn-based gameplay. I imagine they would be even more so in real-time. Question: Why are these not available in the current family of Combat Mission games?
  4. The title is self-explanatory. I recently got a HengLong Tiger for my brother's 10th birthday. I've been amazed what people do with these things! Would also like to see your RCs, if you own any!
  5. Trying to understand tanks and maintaining C2. In the following two pictures both tanks' HQ is another tank on the other side of the map (far away). Why does the tank on the right have a connection to the platoon HQ but the tank on the left not? Only thing I could come up with is the unconnected tank is both lacking a radio operator AND unbuttoned. But I found another tank in the same scenario with no radio operator and the hatches open and that one has C2. I am trying to diagnose some issues with my tanks not necessarily following their driving instructions. Not sure if it's a C2 issue, an enemy fire issue, or a friendly fire issue (they were operating in the midst of a friendly mortar barrage ).
  6. Hi all. Something about how Soviet based tanks looked in CM:BS was making me uneasy. It took me a while, but I think I finally figured it out. First "issue" is universal to all tanks, and consists of wrong glacis geometry. In real life K-5 era plate sticks out, but there isn't a large "plateu" after it as seen here.That leads me to believe that, either the angle of the slope is too steep, or it is moved too far to the front. The second issue, this one being a T-90A specific (but I decided to include it here anyways), is K-5 era not ending right on the angle, and wiring "cover" piece introduced in all T-90A's post 2005. The reference can be seen in previously attached image.
  7. I have had this idea for a VERY long time now and decided to go ahead and post and see where it leads. With the addition of hit decals to CM, BFC upped the cool/immersion factor by a mile. The holes and ricochets on tanks and vehicles really adds to the experience. But the one problem I find we have is that vehicles just still look too pristine, even after they have burned for ten turns or suffered a catastrophic brew up. Yeah, we have ragged holes but nothing else to tell the tale. That's where the After Action Series of mods step in. Having seen the pioneering work that Blimey, Umlaut, and Kieme have done playing with vehicle flavor objects and the manipulation of alpha channels and such, I thought it would be cool to try and start a series of mods that can be used to show more extensive damage to vehicles in game. They would look great in AARs or just plain old screen shots. Or if you only had one type of the particular destroyed vehicle you could load the mod and leave it for the duration of your game. Here's a before and after example of what I am talking about. These were done very quick and dirty just to illustrate and emphasize the cool factor. Imagine what they could be with some thought and effort. Yeah, the shiny decals would need to be addressed. The project is open to everyone. There's no rush, it's something that can be done over time, here and there. We have a lot of talented guys that haven't flexed their modding muscles in a while...MJ, DC, ahem. All I would ask of anyone is that you follow a few very simple rules to keep the project coherent. 1. When filling out the name in the File Title bar on the upload info form start it with AAS, so when it is uploaded to the Repos they will all be in order and people can find them together as a whole. Example: "AAS Destroyed Greyhound". A lot of us usually put our name first but in this case it would be best to have it further down the title or just put it on the promo screen shot. 2. Put "After Action Series" in your promo shot (that'll help identify them at Gaj's) and people will start to recognize it's a collection. 3. Announce your mod in this thread and we can keep an updated list of what's been made as we go. Though, It won't matter if guys end up doing some of the same vehicles and what not, you can't have enough carnage! I am gonna start a thread in each mod forum to cater to each flavor of CM. I hope you guys like the idea and will join in. Mord.
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