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Found 1 result

  1. I have mentioned this scenario before. But after tinkering with the scenario, very intermittently for months, I wanted to write more about it--not as a historian, or a military person, but as a gamer, who is looking for a good game. Some people may blast though a scenario, getting perhaps a big victory, and then move on. But I like to savor the work that went into the scenario's construction. I plan multiple posts, and no pictures. This will be retro and conceptual. You can fire up the scenario to see most of what I am writing about. First, to me the scenario is a "puzzle". I mean that in a positive sense. If you play this scenario and get a big victory the first time, I am going to say you, even if great, were lucky. You cannot, I don't think, look at the scenario for the first time and know what approach, of many possible approaches, is going to be successful. There is just too much unknown, and unknowable, about the German force and the location of each unit of the force. The scenario usually shows you some shadows initially of AT guns and a few other units--which is clever. But the locations are vague. I tried more than a dozen hours trying to attack down the right flank. I finally realized the scenario was not built for that approach to be successful. Indeed, I am sure there are many people who very much dislike this type of scenario--where the designer seems to have some approach in mind. But if the puzzle is interesting, so is the scenario. I think the puzzle is interesting in this case. The reason for these posts is to make the scenario even more interesting for players. Even with the information I am about the give, it will still take much time to operationally move and use the units involved. And people can find out how to improve, and comment on the improvement, about the approach I will be describing. Next post: general issues.
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