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Found 2 results

  1. Playing as the Axis in a standard 1939 campaign - no modifications I took Moscow. Russia did not surrender and the Russian capital moved to Sverdlosk I took Sverdlosk. Russia did not surrender and the Russian capital moved to Novosibrisk I took Novosibrisk. Russia did not surrender but the Russian capital disappeared and the Russian flag is not displayed on any city on the map. Novosibrisk now displays a German flag exactly the same as the one flying over Berlin. It is now two turns past that event and Russia is still fighting. How do I get Russia to surrender?
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm currently creating a small battle map scenario where a company have to attack a couple of Bunkers. After several runs of playing, I've noticed the defending troops inside the Bunkers, while show all the usual signs of being suppressed (shaken, cowering etc), never surrender and always get shot up when exiting the Bunker Shelter. I'm aware that the platoon leaders have an effect, as well as close proximity of supporting troops towards the decision calculations regarding surrender of troops. However, in the scenario I've made sure platoon leaders are not within sight or earshot and likewise there are no supporting troops immediately nearby. Likewise, the troops in the Bunker Shelter are all green and therefore more susceptible to surrender (I don't want them as conscript though for balance purposes). I have checked on forum here and am aware that there are some issues/bugs with Bunkers, particularly with exiting, so I'm guessing the inability for troops to surrender within a bunker is down to this also? Ideally I'd rather have them surrender rather than fight to the death (as the latter is currently the case) due to me wanting not all my platoons shot up at ridiculous angles (from the sides and front of the bunkers on the approach) Thanks in advance for any help
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