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Found 3 results

  1. So, I'm new and I'm wondering which game would be right for me, between Shock Force and Normandy; here's my perspective: World War 2 has much more declassified material on it, making it easier to study and use for advice on tactics, roleplay, and scenario creation, with a lot of varied equipment and combat doctrines. On top of that, WW2 combat was much slower paced compared to today, which may or may not translate to game mechanics, but seems like it could lead to some fun, hair raising situations on the battlefield. When it comes to Shock Force, it seems more immersive, being able to relate to the modern equipment that's being used and that you have available, however, information is still rather classified, so unless you just want to recreate missions from Steel Beasts and other things, that seems as close to active combat as we can simulate, so Im not sure how accurately a Niger campaign can be made. So, this is my own personal perspective about things, and what is personally important to me when I look for games like these. I would love your guys' advice!
  2. I'm finally getting down to making more TTP videos, but I wanted to ask the denizens of GDF for some ideas. The next several parts will be focused on characteristics, performance, and use of supporting weapons. Primarily Machineguns, Mortars, Anti-Tank Guns, and On-Map Artillery. I have a couple ideas as far as video format goes, but I wanted to ask the potential audience. Idea #1 - Purely informative lecture for each sub-category of weapon, with limited demonstration of it's use, and general characteristics. Sort of like these: Idea #2 - The creation of some type of 'Assault Course' that would require target engagement, show the effects of fire, require re-deployment, and show comparative performance between competing weapon systems. For example, a machinegun begins in an emplaced position deployed. It engages targets at various ranges, once destroyed it then un-deploys, moves down a path through various obstacles and terrain, enters an ambush scenario requiring the use of crew small-arms, then must immediately deploy to engage targets advancing on it. Notes would be taken of how long it takes to set up or take down the gun, how heavy the gun is, and how easy it is to move, how effective the crew can be with their typical small arms, and how capable the weapon is at stopping a determined advance by a few squads. My question to you folks is, which approach would prove more valuable to the Combat Mission player?
  3. Hello, I am new to the battlefront community. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a mod list that improves gameplay. Specifically I am interested in things that improve functionality and not just cosmetic. I used to play the ARMA series and the mod world their can be overwhelming. Any suggestions for UI, Functionality, or other improvements would be great.
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