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Found 1 result

  1. With the new site finally up we must take a minute to remember our old friend, the Repository, now relegated to the cold dark vacuum of cyberspace. Maybe not the prettiest of spots on the internet, that old ugly wench did her job in earnest, hosting some of the first and oldest of the new engine mods, maps and scenarios. She was the home to my first real endeavors into the modding arena (as ugly as some of them were) and she was the go-to spot before there was a go-to spot. Even though she was cast aside many a year ago for a prettier, younger Mistress, it was nice knowing she was still around if we needed her. And even though she was old, haggard, and hard to handle, she was there with her many forgotten (un-ported) treasures buried in a confusion of broken links and cyber-subterfuge waiting for a visit and a chat. Alas, she has finally and truly given up her ghost, along with many a mod (and perhaps) scenario that never made it to a shinier shore. So, as a new door opens, an old one closes and I say, fare thee well, sweet, ugly, PIA-to-navigate Repository, I salute thee for a job well done! You are gone but not forgotten...well, maybe a little. And now a blatant and exploitative manipulation of your emotions...bow your heads and shut your mouths (especially you, Emrys, your Flea Deity commands it!) Mord.
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