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Found 3 results

  1. I have done a test about vehicle speeds (Kubel, Opel Blitz, 251/1) on different types of terrain. Here are the results: At normal speed, no matter what kind of ground, the speed for all vehicles is 16 km/h. 16 km/h on rocky terrain and 16 km/h on a paved road? This does not seem right to me. The speed on very bad ground (like rocky) seems way to high to me. Driving with 16 km/h on rocky terrain with a truck? Good luck! The normal speed for that terrain IMO should be 10 km/h at maximum. Probably walking speed to avoid severe damage after a few meters would be more suited from realism point of view. Transferring this into more realistic game factors this maybe could result in 5 km/h for normal speed (inflicting no damage) and maybe 16 km/h at fastest speed - but with a dramatically increased chance to damage the vehicle. This leads me to the third problem I see: because bad terrain does not have a devastating impact on speed (or on damage, if the terrain is ignored by the player and he orders a fast movement) the variation in speed between the different types of terrain seems not big enough. For example: "normal" speed: on paved road for a Jeep could be around 50 km/h, but 5 km/h on rocky. Fast: IMO shows a nice variation between terrain types (12 - 70 km/h) - but sadly damage is missing completely. What do you think about the numbers?
  2. This is a continuation of a conversation from Bud B's AAR thread. I didn't want to distract to far from the AAR so I moved the conversation to this location. Tank speed when transporting riders. This is a bit confusing since you can give a tank with riders any move command including Fast and Quick but in practice the tanks will not move at Fast or Quick if they have riders. This is explained in Engine Manual v3.01 page 45. I did a quick experiment and took a few screenshots below. The highest speed a tank with tank riders can travel at is Move. Depending on terrain the tank may drop down to Slow until that terrain is passed. (Hunt went the same speed as Move but of course in a shooting game Hunt would be more likely to stop movement all together.) Engine Manual v3.01 page 45: Quick Restrictions - same as for Move, but fitness and fatigue play a bigger role. Additionally, vehicle with soldiers riding on top of them (such as tank riders) cannot move at Quick speed. Vehicles given a Quick order will instead move at a slower speed. Fast Restrictions - Fast has the same availability restrictions as Move (immobilization, fatigue, etc.), and, additionally, might be unavailable when certain components of a vehicle are damaged (even if not fully destroyed), or for infantry units, when combat/equipment loads are excessive. Additionally, vehicle with soldiers riding on top of them (such as tank riders) cannot move at Fast speed. Vehicles given a Fast order will instead move at a slower speed. A tank with riders and Move orders traveled the same distance in one minute as a tank with riders and Fast orders. In a TACSOP with tank riders the speed/movement orders that the AI will actually implement are Hunt, Slow and Move. Generally speaking which is the best choice between the three?
  3. I just finished Blunting the Spear (ep. III) and I was able to QUICKLY rush with all trucks and kubels cross country over kilometers without noticing the slightest damage. I did not even care where the field paths were or if the ground was cereal or green or a ploughed field. As a rural guy and grown up on a farm I have quite some experience the huge difference cfield paths, roads, cross country makes. I think no truck or jeep/kubel would survive more than a few hundred meters how I can dash them at CM's QUICK speed forward cross country. IMO vehicles being constructed for road use and with light offroad capabilities should be more susceptible to damage because of inadequate speed.
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