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Found 5 results

  1. There are several forum threads where we discussed smoke and how you were not able to shoot threw an established smoke screen. As a result some players compared smoke to a force field. However there was a work around. When you first observed smoke rounds falling you could order your troops / tanks to area fire through where the smoke was forming (usually correctly guessing the OpFor was going to move units in this area). As long as you got and maintained the area fire before the smoke screen became solid you could shoot through it. Once you stopped shooting (you let your Target Briefly expire) you could no longer re-establish your ability to shoot through the smoke and had to wait for it to dissipate. This was a good work around and is what was used. However after 4.0 it seems you can no longer fire through smoke at all. It really is like a force field now. I have even had a case where some of my own vehicles were kicking up a lot of dust and the cloud of dust drifted in front of a shooting vehicle causing the vehicle to stop shooting. The vehicle was on area target and should have fired until told to stop, ran out of ammo or had something really bad happen to it. Another frustrating thing about this is that the status block (lower left screen, green text) will incorrectly advise that the vehicle is aiming, firing, aiming, firing etc when it is not. I tested this in CMBS and one of the WWII titles (IIRC it was CMFB) about a month ago. The smoke / force field wasn't a huge deal as long as we had a work around for it. However 4.0 seems to have removed the work around. In theory if the conditions are right you could follow a smoke screen all the way into the OpFor main line of resistance. I hope maybe this behavior can be tweaked with the other 4.0 stuff that BFC is tweaking.
  2. I did some experiments on selected US fire teams to determine if they were able to spot through artillery generated smoke screens. In hot seat mode I had the OpFor fire a sustained heavy linear smoke mission from multiple batteries. I placed Russian infantry and one BMP on one side of the smoke and the US teams to be tested on the other side with approximately 500 meters separating them. The first to be tested was a nine man US rifle squad. Five of the soldiers in the squad have the ability to spot OpFor through the smoke screen. The squad leader, assistant squad leader, a rifleman and the two M249 PIP gunners. If a Javelin was Acquired then six out of the nine soldiers have the ability to see OpFor through the smoke. Out of the five US sniper teams only the M107A1 50 Cal. Sniper could spot through the smoke. A breach team from special teams was not able to spot through the smoke. The platoon fire support team could not spot through the smoke unless they Acquired a Javelin Command Launch Unit (CLU). The company fire support team was able to spot through the smoke screen since they had a laser designator (apparently with thermals) in their special equipment.
  3. I noticed during a PBEM that a Russian 120mm Chosta artillery smoke mission resulted in fairly large explosions and also left craters along with the smoke. I then tested several US and Russian off map artillery smoke missions. They all left craters and I think had the same size explosion as a normal HE mission. In the WWII titles smoke missions have small explosions and don't leave craters. I was just wondering if this was an intentional change for CMBS, maybe because of more powerful weapons? Or just something that was overlooked. Added the smoke but forgot to tone down the explosion and take away the crater for smoke ...........
  4. I have a love hate relationship with the way the game presently does Auto Smoke with the units. Yes I know this Topic has been there from since the games first release. I have created my own tactics to work around the games way of using Smoke. Since it drives me crazy to have units pop smoke at times when I do not want it, I basically make sure to run a few units out of smoke early before major contact and keep others in the formation with it so at least I have the option of which one I will lead with and if I want it popping smoke or not. So if I have a enemy unit I want to make sure I am going to fire on just on the other side of a vision block, I am running the unit that does not have any smoke. If I am going somewhere blind as to what the enemy has, I lead with a unit with smoke. But then it crossed my mind again on how stupid the present system is. So here again is a some thoughts of how it might be able to change. Why not have a option as to if you want the unit to auto place smoke or not, then at least the player has control of that much of the feature, at least I would not need to waste smoke to make the not happen as a feature. Then it crossed my mind, that no matter which option is chosen, there is times I would want auto smoke no matter what. So when the button is in the off mode, the tank would still deploy smoke if It is being lazed and it presently cannot see any enemy unit. it presently sees a enemy unit that can destroy it, but it cannot really destroy the enemy unit it has been hit by a round from something that could of killed it but has survived. Now if the button for auto smoke is on, then it would pop smoke as it presently does. I see this as a possible easy way to really improve the present auto smoke options. please give input as to what you think or if you at least agree that something should be done as to how auto smoke presently functions
  5. I was wondering where BF stood with regard to fire. I find it coming up in accounts of the Eastern Front. I know it was included in CMx1, I know this might be beating a dead horse... But again, I think fire should be improved within the game. I say improved, as I have seen it within a battle myself. I will include a screen shot to show you what I mean.... An Ot-34 hit a house full of Germans with about 3 long flame bursts. I'd imagine the house would become destroyed. (destroyed= un- occupy-able) You can even see the smoke coming off the fire, we're almost there!! And incase anyone doubts the veracity of my previous statements, here's a picture of the in game attack that set the house on fire (it was actually 4 long bursts)... And finally, here's what the house actually looks like, from the opponent's point of view (this was after our ceasefire) : ----------------- *** My only other question/comment is... can we fix the trees within the game? I understand they are abstracted, sometimes I find myself walking or driving trying to figure out LOS into the woods near me... its hard to see. But I, and I will cite sources if anyone's interested, keep coming across mention of entire forests being destroyed by Soviet and German firepower. I was reading specifically about Operation Bagration, and apparently in the fighting over Tower and Grenadier Hill during the Battle of Narva (at the Tannenberg Line specifically) : "The morning of 29 July began with the preparatory artillery fire of 25,000 shells fired by the Soviets. The bombardment covered the Tannenberg Line in a dust cloud. The forest on the Sinimäed Hills was entirely destroyed, with the trees cut down to a height of two–three metres. " (Sinimäed 1944: Battles of World War II in Northeast Estonia). EDIT: PS... we already have the 2-3 metre trees in the game (under doodads, or whatever its called.) We're half way there on that as well. Again, I know its abstracted, but maybe we could get a destroyed forest tile as a compromise.
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