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Found 2 results

  1. This thread is a carry over from the screen shot thread. The art depicted here is just that..Art. Ive taken screen shots and using basic artistic procedures modified them to give a painterly look and feel. Hopefully I have accomplished that. The first link is a art strip entitled The Trials of Corporal Bailey. It follows a corporal of the 1st Bn Hampshire Regiments landing at Jig Green Sector on Gold Beach on D-Day. The original screen shots were taken from the scenario of that name from my CMBN British Campaign: For King and Country. I hope you enjoy the little story. http://imgur.com/a/O707S This link is the regular screen shots I had posted over to the screenshot thread. http://imgur.com/a/m5Qqb Michael
  2. Greetings to all! I'm a novice player new to the forums and enjoy those who take the time and effort to post AAR's As such I would like to do one for "A Muddy Affair" My immediate issue is the 0.49 max file size for screen shots. I'm on a Mac and use the screen grab feature ( very awesome ) however it's always over the allowable size limit to post as a picture. Curious if anyone knows a workaround so I can post without having to use a link like the previous AAR's I know and love. Much appriciated and thank you to the BFC for doing a great job on the new release! Martin
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