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Found 1 result

  1. 1) Better tools to control the AI. I know building a higher level AI capable of handling CMx2 probably isn't in the cards ever, but it would be nice if the players were given more tools to make relatively intelligent AI play happen on a scenario-by-scenario basis. 1a) Branching AI plans. Nothing is more annoying than building a mission, particular one wherein the AI is attacking, and wanting them to be able to react realistic to different defensive schemes. It would be nice if inflicting sharp losses over a short time-frame would cause the AI to pop smoke, reverse and extract its force off the map to fight another day. It would be cool the AI could respond to the unexpected appearance of an Abrams on one flank by shifting its own tanks to meet the threat and if player tried the same trick from the other flank on the next play, the AI be built in such a way to react to that as well. 1b) More trigger conditions. Detecting enemies on a certain patch of ground, having artillery spotted over an objective, losses of some parts of the force, low-ammo, fatigue, running across mines, etc. should be able to be used to trigger specific actions if not branching paths. 2) Being able to edit briefing text in the editor. This is a minor annoyance, however it is one that really grates, especially when I screw the format up. I don't know how difficult programming an extremely basic text editor is but I don't imagine it could be too difficult. 3) Default images players could use for strategic and operational maps. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places and you've already included them, but I'd love to pull the already provided graphics for my own missions instead of hunting around for something remotely relevant and finagling it into the proper parameters for CMBS to use. 4) Off-map campaign branching. I remember Field Marshal Bulcher's Devil's Descent had a "mission" where touching one of two objectives would lead down different paths in the campaign. That remains workable, but incredibly hamfisted. Instead, why not offer a screen where you could simply decide on one path or another between missions? It would definitely help with the fiddly nature of getting points and victory levels correct for choosing a mission, especially when dealing with three or more choices. That's all I got.
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