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Found 3 results

  1. Frustrating situation so I'll ask the experts. Can you assign the same AI group to different reinforcement groups? At the moment what is happening is I'm trying to assign R2 and R3 to AI group 13 but when I do so those units won't move once they spawn. The reason for this is the lack of AI groups - we definitely need more than 16. Any help/advice appreciated. I hope I posted this in the right place.
  2. Some years back, mentioned this, thought I bring it up again. Would like to see reinforcements clocked in minutes (If it was easily possible that is), instead of 5 minute portions. This would add more uncertainly in scenarios. For example, instead of forces entering a game in block, they can be fed into the game move by move... i.e. a convoy. Opponents, would be more unaware of the cycle. (Every 5 minutes to predictable). Reinforcements, for both sides unlikely to arrive at the same time. Not that a change like this would be revolution in the game, just add a little spice to the meal.
  3. If anyone already thought of this or asked this question already and I missed it...sorry. But I thought there was a way--for instance: When Enemy armor triggers phase line Allied reinforcements enter... Etc. What say you all?
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