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Found 1 result

  1. Rather than have any more discussions of the on-going fighting in Mosul disrupt other threads here, I figured it might be worth giving that particular section of the conflict a thread, a map and perhaps a few scenarios all of its own.....To which end I've been messing around with a small (688x320) section of LLF's epic Ramadi map in an attempt to model one of the more urban sections of East Mosul: Welcome to Hayy Al Karamah (view from the north-east, the player's initial starting point).....I actually only chose this area of East Mosul as it looked like it would be the easiest to model using a section of LLF's map, but as it turns out that was quite a fortuitous choice; This district lies directly between two of the major axes of advance towards the River Tigris and West Mosul and it was the scene of some of the heaviest urban fighting in East Mosul. You can view the area in Google Maps, here: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@36.3433451,43.2196935,589m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en As you will see the map is not strictly accurate, the layout of the blocks and main roads in the north-western portion in particular is quite wrong, however the density of construction and general layout is, I hope, close enough to represent the area adequately for a few small, representative, scenarios. Just for fun, at LLF's suggestion, I've included a couple of typical buildings which provide particular tactical challenges that are clearly not present on the satellite map, live with it, or don't! It seems that Iraqi security forces first re-entered the area on or around 2nd November 2016, exactly which forces these were is slightly unclear, but prominent amongst them were the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service (CTS), possibly supported by elements of the Iraqi 9th Armoured Division & 1st Infantry Division (3 Motorised Brigade): http://www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/campaign-mosul-november-1-3-2016 With much assistance from Combatintman, I've modelled a CTS Core Force (& a supporting US Navy SEAL 'Trident Team') using a combination of Syrian & NATO units as seen here: The CTS themselves are represented by Veteran Syrian Special Forces and they are mounted in US Humvees or Canadian Nyalas (representing MRAPs). A trio of Abrams tanks (presumably from 9th Armoured) are attached to the Core Force to give it some extra muscle, coalition air and artillery assets will be plentifully available throughout the campaign. Despite continual harassment by ISIS snipers and multiple attacks by VBIEDs the CTS managed to largely take control of the eastern portion of the district by November 4th, at which point ISIS counter-attacked, in force.....Suffice it to say that the entire Hayy Al Karamah district was not completely under Iraqi Government control until 3rd January 2017! Huge thanks to both Combatintman & LLF for their continued help & support.....I feel like I'm standing on the shoulders of giants here!
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