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Found 4 results

  1. About the Campaign This campaign covers a short and sustained period of combat operations taking place over a period of less than 72 hours, in Poland, on the Eastern Front in early August 1944. Although fictional it is heavily based on actual events. In the campaign you take the role of 1 Kompanie Commander Hauptmann Hans von Schroif, of the 3rd Panzer Division’s (Known as the Berlin Bear division – the bear features on the city coat of arms) I(gep)/PzGrn Rgt 3 equipped with half-track carriers (SPW). Hauptmann von Schroif - AKA you - has been tasked with commanding a small kampfgruppe, to which has been attached the 6 Kompanie (Panzer IVs) under the command of Hauptmann Eric Faust. You have a sister kampfgruppe – commanded by Hauptmann Krüger – with roughly the same make-up, SPW and PzIVs. Krüger is a glory hunter with a desire for a Knights Cross. Correspondingly his unit is very aggressive. Other elements from Division will be attached given the situation – mostly recce units from Aufklärungs-Abteilung 3 (AA3). Reinforcements; Resupply and Refit It is worth noting that the player receives no reinforcements and little in the way of refit in the 72 hour period. Therefore you, the player, have to use your forces wisely, especially your panzergrenadiers. Keep your casualties as low as you can, for as long as you can. The key to success is close co-operation between your SPW, panzergrenadiers and panzers. Key characters, including platoon leaders, are all named individually and are tracked throughout the campaign. You’ll notice, as casualties mount that key names slowly start to disappear. Don’t get killed yourself though early on, as it may lead to you ending the campaign, like your life, prematurely. Player Campaign Briefings and Tactical Maps The briefings take the form of an immersive narrative. Therefore they tend to be fairly lengthy, Not everyone’s cup of tea but I like that. To help process the info I compiled all the campaign briefings into a PDF file titled Kampfgruppe von Schroif Campaign Briefing Handbook. Each brief is linked via the Campaign Flowchart so you can quickly access the briefing you want. If you don’t like reading then the Operation and Tactical Maps in each mission provide the key info required at a glance. There is also a table showing your unit, its commanders and their ‘soft’ values e.g. experience, morale etc. In addition there are Force Tracker graphics which allow you to track casualties and effectiveness of your unit as the campaign rolls on. In addition there is a pack of Tactical Maps included in the zip file. These are maps of all the main missions and are blank unannotated JPGs. They offer the player the ability to use them to plan their actions either on paper (print them out) or digitally on your PC/Laptop. Mods There are no mods required to play this campaign. It’s playable “out of the box” using the base CMRT game. If you are interested in what mods I use (and you’ll see in the screenshots) then I use the following: Aris' vehicles (both German and Soviet) Kieme's buildings and terrain mods Tanks a Lot buildings (these just add more 'skin' options for buildings but they are great!) Veins' German and Soviet soldiers Veins' tracers and special effect s(smoke, flame and dust) Rambler's CMBS Trees and Hedges (yup CMBS mod but it works in CMRT). Acknowledgments Huge shout out to SeinfeldRules for the kind permission to use his “Assault Position” scenario in this campaign. I owe a huge debt of thanks to the guys who did the playtesting. So a big shout out and thanks to the following for playtesting, feedback, proof reading and critical comment: SeinfeldRules, Raptorx7, mjkerner, RepsolCBR, TAKODA. BarbaricCo, olliwa, SlowLarry, Reech, borg, bangalor44, Chudacabra. Special mention goes to Combatintman who painstakingly proof read and checked all the briefings for every scenario and their associated tactical and operation maps. I think the words Oberleutant and Oberstleutnant will be forever etched in his brain! He also provided the “Force Tracker” graphics. Any subsequent errors, omissions and weirdness are entirely my fault! You can grab a slightly tweaked version 3 (some minor changes made to the first mission and corrected some typos in the brief) from TSDIII HERE.
  2. Here‘s an interesting piece about the famous Polish cavalry charge in WW2: https://sz.de/1.2124860 Big surprise: It sounds history was quite different from what we remember from the movies. The article is in German, though.
  3. I've recently been reading about the Warsaw Uprising. It occurred to me that quite a lot of things happened between the conclusion of Bagration and the Battle for Berlin. Which of these will Module 1 cover? Steve did mention that Module 1 would pick up in Poland. I am guessing the Arctic front is out of the question, it'd be cool though. Same goes for the Budapest Offensive, and the latter Vienna Offensive. Yugoslavia is quite away. I am guessing the Vistual-Oder offensive will be featured. As such, I am hoping to see Eastern Polish Armed Forces. The 1st Polish Army saw action in Berlin, as well. I hope we get a glimpse of the Warsaw Uprising, some good ol' fashioned 20th century COIN. No sign of a Warsaw master-map though, xD. What do you guys think we'll see in Module 1? What do you hope to see?
  4. Hello there, I'm a new user here. Before I get on with the topic, here's a short introduction: I'm a long time gamer, and I started the Combat Mission series with the first initial games, mainly the Beyond Overlord, which I loved. After all these years, I came to learn that there are far more Combat Mission games, and that they have also gone for more modern settings (Cold War Afghanistan and Modern Syria) for few of their latest games. I have tried the demo of the two games, and I have fallen in love again. Then I heard of the latest upcoming iteration - the Black Sea - and here I am. I wished to get it done before the release, but school got in the way. Given the setting, as well as some rumors flying wildly about a possible future Module, I have decided to make the list you can see below. Please, by no means take it as me begging/pleading/ordering the Battlefront crew to include Poland in the game/future module. It's merely meant as a very general guide/refence, and to perhaps bring some interest of fellow tacticians to this country's armed forces, which usually are rather unheard of on the global scene. The list may not be accurate, it's a rough prediction of what might be around for Poland in 2017. It's based on plans (which have been outlined up to 2020), as well as news from the military industry around the globe, as the situation is dynamically changing day to day. Any mistakes are not an ill will, merely a mistake or a document being interpreted the wrong way. Please keep that in mind. Also it's not really meant as a proper reference, and please don't use it as such. Hence, I won't link any of my sources (majority which are in Polish anyway) as this list was made rather hastily. Should you require proper references (*wink wink, nudge nudge*), I will happily oblige as soon as I can (I have finals atm). Also, I cannot buy the Black Sea for the time being, but I hope to do so in the coming months. Now onto the goodies: Weapons and vehicles that are not (yet or otherwise) in service of Polish Armed forces, have names written in cursive. Infantry Weapons: Assault Rifles: Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl - 5,56 mm NATO Kbk wz. 1996 Mini-Beryl - 5,56 mm NATO (beside frontline service, also used by vehicle crews) Kbk AKM - 7.62x39 mm WP Kbk AKMS - 7.62x39 mm WP MSBS - 5,56 mm NATO and 7,62 mm NATO variants, should start entering service 2015/2016 LMG: RPK - in use in Airborne Force (limited) PK - various variants UKM-2000 - various variants, UKM-2000M to enter service in 2015, used by infantry as well as vehicle mounts Rheinmetall MG 3 - used on former Bundeswehr vehicles (Leopard 2A4/2A5 and respective ARV's) LMG variant of MSBS - 7,62 mm NATO, possibly to enter service in 2015 (image not available) HMG: WKM-B - Polish variant of the NSV MG, adapted to use .50 BMG NATO NSW - Polish variant of the NSV MG, still using the original 12,7 mm WP ammunition. In the process of being replaced by WKM-B Both used on variety of vehicles or standalone Sniper/Marksman rifles: SWD/SWD-M - Polish designation for SVD Dragunow. SWD-M is a Polish upgrade. 7.62x54 mmR WP Sako TRG (TRG-21 and TRG-22) - 7,62mm NATO Sniper Rifle Bor - Polish made, 7,62 mm NATO Sniper Rifle Tor - Polish made .50 BMG Sniper Rifle Granade Launchers: Underslung: wz. 74 Pallad/GPBO-40 - 40mm Granade launcher for Kbs wz. 1996 Beryl Standalone: Mk. 19 - on vehicles and tripod wz. 83 Pallad-D/GSBO-40 - single shot 40mm launchers RGP-40 - six shot revolver mag launcher. On order, should enter service in 2015 GA-40 - may enter service before 2017 AT Weapons Unguided: Carl Gustav M3 - (Airborne and Spec Ops forces only) AT4 - (Airborne and Spec Ops forces only) RPG-7 - in service, unknown which warheads are in service in the Polish Armed forces RPG-76 Komar (in storage, requested and used by forces in Afghanistan for smaller targets upon which RPG-7 (or other weapons) would be a waste) Guided: Spike-LR - Stationary launchers as well as launchers based upon HMMWV and ROSOMAK vehicles. 4km range, Fire & Forget, Fire Observe & Update, Lock-On After Launch - what more do you need ? 9K115 Metys - limited use by airborne forces MANPAD: GROM - reportedly a "copy" and vast improvement upon the Soviet designed 9K38 Igla. Several new versions made since then. Also used on variety of vehicles PIORUN - improved version of the GROM, should start entering service in 2015/2016 (launcher is reportedly the same, it's the missile that will be vastly improved) VEHICLES: MBT: T-72M1 - no major/significant changes since the Warsaw Pact times, it's an export variant of the T-72A produced in Poland under license (chances are if you are seeing one of those anywhere near a frontline, then you are within a stone's throw from the Warsaw), reportedly Polish made T-72M1 were of higher quality and make than average among the Warsaw Pact countries (mentioned in passing in a book or two). PT-91 Twardy variants: PT-91 - Polish Modernization of the T-72M1 PT-91M PT-91MA1 - Same as above, majority of modifications is internal, such as better Radios and better electronics. Leopard 2A4 - nothing much to say, not much different since the days of them watching over the Fulda Gap. They however have access to better ammo since those days. Leopard 2A5 - Unchanged since they rolled off the assembly line. They do have access to more modern ammunition though. Leopard 2PL - Poland has expressed interest to modernize our Leopard 2 fleet to 2A7+ like standard. First would go the 2A4's, then 2A5's. There are several proposals, but it's a bit of a mess right now (to say the least), hence it's doubtful it will be ready or deployed in a significant capacity within Polish Armed Forces before 2017. APC/IFV: BWP-1 - BMP-1D variant "Good" old BMP-1D. Not much to be said. (We used to have BMP-2 and BMP-2D but our idiot paper pushers sold them). A program to develop new tracked vehicle to replace BWP-1 has been initiated, but extremely unlikely to produce anything of substance before 2017. KTO ROSOMAK variants: ROSOMAK is a family of variants developed upon AMV PATRIA family. Rosomak - first initial variant, features Oto Melara Hitfist-30P turret, armed with 30mm autocannon ATK Mk 44 along with a coax 7,62mm UKM-2000C MG. Also equipped with Obra laser warning receiver connected to smoke granade launchers and an amphibious vehicle capable of swim. Rosomak-M1 – Modification for the needs of Chad and Afghanistan deployments. Changes include: additionf of Pilar "Fire direction detection" system, new and improved comm. systems, additional radio, two additional cameras on hull sides, connected to screen in infantry compartment. Water propellers have been removed, and the Vehicle was up-armored with Israeli Rafael Armor Package, bringing the vehicle to all around STANAG IV protection levels. Rosomak-M1M – further development of the version for Afghanistan Deployment. Changes from previous variant includes addition of American Qinetiq RPGNet, cabling and sockets to mount Duke IED countermeasure system and of Blue Force Tracking system (those systems are not integral part of this variant and were on loan from the US military). Infantry compartment went from 8 to 6 soldiers. This version has been up-armored by default by the original manufacturer, giving it the same STANAG IV protection levels as M1. Rosomak-M3 – version armored anologically to Rosomak M1. It's turret is armored up to STANAG III standard. The turret can carry WKM-B 12,7mm HMG or 7,62mm UKM-2000C MG or Mk. 19 40mm grenade launcher. Those vehicles usually carry either two of the above, one on the turret, second within the hull near the turret, allowing them to be swapped "on the go". Rosomak-S - unoficially called "Spajkowóz" (Spikewagon) – infantry carrier variant of the base version (ergo still capable of swim), equipped to carry 2 Spike LR launchers, a load of spare missiles, along their respective weapon teams. Otherwise unarmed. KTO Rosomak - Hitfist-30P turret with Spike LR variant and KTO Rosomak - Unmanned ZSSW-30 turret with Spike LR variant The former is no different than the Base Rosomak (aside from integration of the Spike ATGM with the turret) and has already been developed, built and tested, however the latter has been designated as next step in the Rosomak development hence the former most likely won't enter service. However (at the time of the writing) there only exists a first iteration of the ZSSW-30 turret, which is being tested, but is not integrated with the Spike ATGM yet, afaik only a mockup of the double launcher can be seen on the right side of the turret. As both vehicles, for all intents and purpouses, will serve the same role and function within the game, either could be added. KWWO Wilk - Kołowy Wóz Wsparcia Ogniowego (Wheeled fire support vehicle) (105/120mm) Prototypes exist but appears extremely unlikely at this point to enter service. Recon: BWR-1D and BWR-1S (BRM-1K and BPzV "Svatava" respectively) Basically a BMP-1 without ATGM, having somewhat better NVG's and optionally carrying a recon squad. BRDM-2M-97 "Żbik-B" Polish modification/modernization of the BRDM-2 vehicle. New turret, Obra laser warning receiver and smoke grenade launcher, new NVG's. Armed with WKM-B and a UKM-2000 as coax. Rosomak-R1 and Rosomak-R2 – Recon variants based upon the base Rosomak (hence still amphibious capable). Armed analogically to normal Rosomak, with 30mm AC and 7,62mm coax. No infantry carrying capacity. Crew compartment instead has been remodeled to house operators of additional equipment. Upon extendable 4 meter mast a FLIR System video camera, Thermal camera and laser rangefinder/target designation system were mounted, allowing for recon at the distance of up to 20 km. R1 variant has been additionally equipped with Turkish Aselsan ACAR Ground Surveillance Radar. Reportedly allowing detection of an infantry man from 12 km away, and vehicle group from 40 km away. Radar has been mounted on a mast behind the turret. Both has been equipped with additional camera with directional microphone. Tank Destroyers: BRDM-2 KONKURS Tumak-5 (M1045A2 HMMWV) with Spike-LR ATGM ROSOMAK with unmanned Spike Launcher Turret - there exists an existing presentation model with combined GROM launcher on top. The military has stated desire for such/similiar variant to replace aging BRDM-2 based Tank destroyers, however there haven't been much word on it since. Car transports: Tumak-2 (M1043A2 HMMWV) Tumak-3 (M1025A2 HMMWV) both come with Shielded/unshielded manned turret with UKM-2000, WKM-B or NSW, or mk. 19/GA-40 Tumak-4 (M1097A2 HMMWV), transports up to 11 people depending on the exact setup, unarmed Skorpion-3 - light multi purpouse vehicle, 7,62 MG on the roof turret. 1+4 crew Star 266M - Working horse of the Polish army. Unarmed truck. Up-armored driver cabin variant may also enter service "soon" (see Hibernyt-3 below) AA Assets: ZSU-23-4W1 Szyłka (ZSU-23-4V1) - no known changes since the Warsaw Pact times (possibly just some minor changes to make it compatible with modern AA Command and Control systems of the Polish Army). In the process of being upgraded to ZSU-23-4MP Biała standard. ZSU-23-4MP Biała - Polish upgrade, removal of the radar with mounting of completely passive opto-electronic detection and fire control systems, new ammo with slightly longer range (approx 3,5 km), and 4 GROM missiles for additional firepower (GROMs might be changed for PIORUN's in the future as they become available), all weather capability as well as Thermals and new AP rounds. Żubr-P - carrier of the POPRAD System using the GROM missiles (may use PIORUN as those become available). POPRAD is basically a passive detection suite, four GROM launchers and some spare missiles. 9K35M Strzała-10M - About unchanged since the Warsaw Pact days (as far as I can tell) Osa-AKM-P1 "Żądło" - Polish upgraded OSA-AKM, not sure if it fits CM scale however. Hibernyt-3 - uparmored Star 266M truck carrying ZUR-23-2KG system. ZUR-23-2KG upgrades since the good old ZU-23-2 includes: CP-1 night-and-day sight with laser rangefinder, electromechanic gun turn system and twin launcher for "Grom" missiles. The truck carries additional ammo and spare missiles. Off Map Support: AHS Krab - (aka THE MOST embarrassing project of the modern Polish Military industry) a division (at least) planned before 2017 AHS Kryl (possible to enter limited service before 2017) Both are 155mm NATO compatible Self Propelled Howitzers Armatohaubica wz. 1977 DANA-T - 152mm Self Propelled Howitzer 2S1T Goździk - Polish upgrade of venerable 2S1 Gvozdika SMK-120 RAK - 120 mm self propelled mortar system based upon ROSOMAK chassis - on order 80 vehicles to enter service in 2015 2B11 mortar - 120mm Mortar M-98 Rodon mortar - 98mm mortar LM-60 mortar - 60mm mortar Air Support Helo: Mi-24W (Polish designation for the Mi-24V)- Reportedly the Kokon ATGM are long past expiration date and they have only unguided ordinance now at it's disposal (!! REPORTEDLY !!). So either they won't have any or we assume we borrowed some Kokons from the Ukrainian stocks. Planes: F-16 Block 52+ I have made this informative info-graphic about what kind of stuff it can carry. Not sure which of those fit scale of CM:BS, but that's everything we have for them or have planned for them at the time of writing. Su-22M4 - as much as it would be even a bigger of a suicide than flying A-10 into a modern ADN, a number of Polish Su-22M4 can carry a pair of Kh-29T's - TV guided Anti Tank missiles. Beside that, it can carry to up to 8 dumb bombs - FAB-500 max or ZK-300 Polish made cluster bomb (anti personnel). MiG-29 (9.12A) - it can drop some dumb bombs, either FABs or ZK-300's UAV: Boeing ScanEagle Aeronautics Defense Orbiter WB Electronics FlyEye I imagine that would be all. If there are any questions or anything else that might fit the CM scale, please feel free to ask questions and I shall do answer them best to my abilities/knowledge. Apologies if I posted this in a wrong place. Thank you for reading ! EDIT: Formatting was gone for some reason. Should be all good now.
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