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Found 3 results

  1. I am generally sceptical of this kind of attempts at doing a vertical slice of a conflict as complex as the American Civil War, but I found the most recent video interesting They do have quite few covering battle scenarios as well. One of the developers has a noble attempt at dealing with the Seven Years War on Steam, this looks like some lessons were learnt (at least when it comes to presentation).
  2. Can anyone walk me through (or direct me to a resource covering) the full "life-cycle" of a Soviet mech unit, let's say brigade-sized, during Operation Bagration? From initial breakthrough all the way to the point it is completely fought out and everything in between? I know it is a bit of a research project but the only resource I have on-hand is Glantz's translation of the Soviet staff study for the operation and I'm not having much luck finding what I am looking for in those pages, although there is a lot of very good stuff. A few more specific questions: 1) How often would they receive resupply? 2) What sort of maintenance and repair servicing could they expect? 3) What would be a typical response to encountering larger and meaner enemy forces? 4) How long would a typical push last before being relieved or calling it in? The reason I ask is because I'm trying to lay the groundwork for a small-scale Soviet campaign, since it appears no one has made one for CMRT and I want to pluck out some interesting, plausible situations such a unit might find itself after the infantry have broken through.
  3. My friend and I have been playing CM since the first release. We don't like the newer versions, I won't go into details as it's not relevant for this topic. What I am looking for is a Operational type game that doesn't auto-resolve combat I know - all do. I want to be able to move pieces on a map and when enemy forces meet provide me with a list of equipment and men for both players so I can create a CM based tactical battle. After the battle the new values would be plugged back into the operational layer (manually of course as there's no way to automate this) Long term we are looking at using the Unity engine to create our own Operational layer but we want to use a 3rd party program first. Many years ago I used Aide de Camp 2 (board game converter) - but it's so old now I can't even make it run anymore. Is there anything out there that doesn't auto-resolve combat and allows values to be entered? Thanks - TB
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