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Found 6 results

  1. This is a slightly-dramatised audiobook by a German WW2 'journalist' = writer for Signal, etc. A fascinating story: Eckhertz went to write a puff piece about the Normandy fortifications in 1944, but it was never published. After the war (1950s) he searched out people from the units he had visited, including finding one guy he'd actually talked to, and got their memories of D Day, and sometimes their other war service. He intended to publish a book but unfortunately died. His grandson found the papers recently and edited them and published them in book form. This is the 6 hours audiobook interviewing 5 German soldiers who fought on D-Day and it mentions some of the previous article as well. Worth the listen – didn't seem that long I found this absolutely fascinating and vivid. Unlike some memoirs written decades after the events, this seems very accurate to me. The Germans had been taught vehicle and aircraft recognition very well, so their observations are really good “I identified the attacking Jabos as Thunderbolts. I was surprised that they were silver, and not painted with camouflage. Every aircraft had black-and-white stripes on the wings.” The Funnies The Funnies get mentioned quite a bit, because these were a complete surprise and amazement to the Germans, and we get a good idea of how effective they were – one of the Germans thinks that the DDs was a kind of tank/submarine which rose out of the water onto the beach (obviously with its skirts up swimming he didn't notice it, lots of things were going on at the time :-)). AVREs, Flails, crocodiles – terrifyingly effective, and several mentions of Sherman DDs. Chapter 4 (the Engineer Officer in charge of Goliaths), and Chapter 5 (the gun command officer at the Merville Battery – I think he's in Casemate 4 which held out the best) were the most interesting, although the whole thing is worth listening to. Incidentally the Merville officer says they were expecting 21cm guns, and were a bit ashamed of the stop-gap ex-Czech 100mm they had. Most accounts say the allied intel was 150mm ish, so clearly if they had the artillery the battery was designed for, it could have made a nasty dent in Sword Beach. I've tried not to give any spoilers. Warning: some of this is very grim and grisly. I've always thought of the Merville attack as a tremendous piece of Para elan and tactics under adverse circumstances, but it seems quite different from the perspective of the poor Germans trapped in a bunker unable to respond to the attack. One question: one of the soldiers talks about being strafed by aircraft “of the Hurricane type”. That's the only thing I wondered about, as Hurris had been withdrawn as fighters, could these be IID or IVD ground attack aircraft with 40mm cannon?
  2. Okay folks - it's the weekend (still) and now that all the drama is over we can get back to driving tanks through hedges ... and of course today remembering the guys that did it for real. Go here to get the read me pdf file (please) Then here and here for the two zip archives. (Hint - if you just want to get started without any faff then download the read me, grab the first zip file and you'll be playing in no time.) Once it's been out for a few days and nobody has complained that it's broken their rig I'll get in touch with @Bootie to upload it to the warehouse, 'cos he probably hasn't got anywhere near enough to do ... Now try to play this at iron, at ground level, with no spotting icons ... everything will soon suck!
  3. For King and Country How can I live among this gentle Obsolescent breed of heroes, and not weep? Unicorns, almost, For they are falling into two legends In which their stupidity and chivalry Are celebrated. Each, fool and hero, will be an immortal -Keith Douglas, 1942 For King and Country is a CMBN Commonwealth campaign that follows the actions of the 1 Regiment Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry from their landings at Gold Beach on the Normandy coast on June 6th, 1944 and the hard fought battles through France until June 26, 1944. I have tried to keep it as historical as possible based on what research I could dig up though a few of the engagements should be considered semi-historical. After the British moved inland there were many small battles that were waged across the French countryside so to keep some variety I have "created" a few of these engagements. However, to keep to the flavor of historical, most of the included scenarios are actual battles and I have tried to model them as accurately as I could portray. Most of the battles are offensive operations as the German forces during this time were on the defensive. You can expect to see some counterattacks however as this was the common strategy for the Germans. I also have included the actual commanders of the various troop HQ's of the regiment. However the chain of command must be considered to be semi-historical as there were a number of leadership changes of the SRY as they fought across France during the real campaign due to casualties or simply reshuffling of the command structure. The leadership tree in this campaign is setup to reflect what the actual command structure was at the end of June. This campaign can be considered a preqel to my previous CMBN campaign Operation Clipper: The Geilenkirchen Salient which includes the SRY also. About the Campaign: This campaign requires the following: CMBN Game Engine 4 CW Module Market Garden Module Vehicle Pack It is designed for single player only from the blue side. All the information here is also in the designers notes of the campaign. Most of the battles and maps are medium to large so it could impact some older PC's. The Campaign Tree: 1. Gold Beach (Allied Attack) 2. The Ridge (Allied Attack) 3. A Meeting at Hervieu (Meeting Engagement) 4. A Hard Day in Hottot (Allied Attack) 5. Tea Time in Cristot (Allied Attack) 6. Fontenay (Allied Assault) 7. The Assault of Rauray (Allied Assault) 8. The 12th SS Counterattacks (Axis Attack) Victory Conditions: A Draw will advance you through the campaign. However careful management of the core units (SRY) is vital. You will get some replacements later in the campaign. Also the primary leadership is essential to preserve as the Germans get high points for killing top HQ assets. Maps: All the maps were created by the author (me) and I have tried to get them as accurately as possible based on google maps, drawings and old photographs I could find. Most are medium to large maps. Unit Tree: 1 Rg SRY (Core Units) HQ - Maj S.D. Christopherson 2 x Sherman V Tanks HQ Squadron - Maj R.Sutton-Nelthrope Recce Troop - Capt. P. McCrath (2 x Stuart V Tanks) 3 x Sections (3 x Stuart V and VI Tanks each) A Squadron HQ: Maj. J. Semken (3 x Sherman V Tanks) 4 x Troop (3 x Sherman V and 1 x Sherman VC Firefly Tanks each) B Squadron HQ: Maj. M. Gold (3 x Sherman V Tanks) 4 x Troop (3 x Sherman V and 1 x Sherman VC Firefly Tanks each) C Squadron HQ: Maj S. Mitchell (3 x Sherman V Tanks) 4 x Troop (3 x Sherman V and 1 x Sherman VC Firefly Tanks each) Feature Units: British: 1. 1 Bn Hampshire Regiment 2. 82nd Assault Squadron Royal Engineers 3. 6th Assault Regiment 4. 2nd Bn Essex Regiment 5. 1st Recce Regiment 6. 11th Royal Scots Fusiliers 7. 6th Royal Scots Fusiliers 8. 2nd Bn Hampshire Regiment 9. 1/6 Duke of Wellington Regiment German: 1. 726th Infantry Regiment 2. 916th Infantry Regiment 3. 352nd Fusilier Battalion 4. 352nd PzJag Abt 5. 1 Bn PzGrLehr Regiment 901 6. PzLehr Regiment 130 7. 12th SS PzAufk Abt 8. 1 Bn 25th SS PzGr Regiment 9. SS PzRg 12 Mods: As is common for most of my campaigns I use featured mods by some of our very talented modders of the CM series. Below is a list and all credit goes to them. 1. Aris Vehicle Textures (I have modified a few with the (hopefully) correct unit symbols or to represent damaged or destroyed vehicles 2. Mords Unit ID (The featured British units (except non core armor units) have the correct ID patches that will show up in the UI) 3. Various terrain modifications 4. EZJax CMBN Uniform Heer (Lehr) 5. EZJax CMBN Uniform SS All mods needed are included with the download and are tagged to this campaign so they should not interfere with any other scenarios or campaigns. The campaign has been tested but if any issues arise please let me know. Also any suggestions are welcome and I will make any adjustments necessary. I hope the campaign will prove enjoyable. Michael Special Note: The first mission Gold Beach can prove to be a beast. To quote Captain Miller " Get your men off the beach" will be an understatement. "Keep em moving". Below is the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/sce3ibep7mysjto/For King and Country.zip?dl=0
  4. I am making an scenario based on the June 11th Battle for Grainges south of Carentan. On the night of June 6th elements of the 501st and 507th PIR were dropped as far as 18 miles south of their drop zones. They landed in the marshes near Graignes. Realizing they were in a good position to stop or delay any German reinforcements moving to Carentan they decided to dig in and hold out until relieved by elements of the invasion force. By the 10th they numbered less than 190 men including 2 scouts from the 29th ID which had gotten lost and stumbled into town. On the 10th of June the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Reg 38 recon units discovered their position and but quickly driven off. On the 11th the Germans launched a major attack against the town. Over the course of the day the paratroopers inflicted heavy causalities on the Germans (some estimates say 800 dead and 1000 wounded) before abandoning their position and moving north. About 100 paratroopers eventually managed to link up with their units. My question...... Victory conditions The object of the Germans is to take the town and all it's road intersections and destroy the paratroopers. The paratroopers want to stop or slow the German advance and get away with as many men as possible. Setting victory conditions on territory and causalities is easy, as is giving credit for units exiting the game. What I need to know is if it is possible to restrict the Paras from leaving the game until the Germans reach a trigger point or a time has been reached. Any help will be appreciated!
  5. Hey there been playing for about 4 months know and just played the scenario Kings in retirement and i came out with a minor victory was able to take the church and preserve the chateau but man did i take a beating clearing the buildings out by the time i got my infanrty up the the chateau mt tanks where out of ammo and the infantry got pretty beat up clearing the buildings so i was able to hold OBJ on but not to advance to clear the infantry out any tips on a diffrent approch ETC on clearing bulding i would normal try and supress athen with another squad assulat the building next to it but i was take heavy casualties and would be repeled. I felt it was a very tough mission? any tips
  6. A tasty digitally restored grog tidbit. The correct way to crawl over a hedgerow and a useful primer on how infantry moves on the battlefield. Regards, John Kettler
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