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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am a new player to Combat Mission and I am wondering if this game is a good buy for someone who is a new player to the series in general. I initially made this forum account under the assumption that I was going to buy Combat Mission: Black Sea. After playing the demo of Black Sea, I found it was okay but I don't think the fast-paced deadly gameplay of modern combat doesn't really appeal to me once tanks and air support get involved. I played the demo of Red Thunder as well and was overwhelmed by the sheer number of units, but I think that I can get around it now after some time with larger scenarios of other CM games. I'm interested in this one (CMFI) because the unique factions (Italy, Britain, Poland, etc) but I wanted a second opinion from the veterans to see if this game is a good starting point in the Combat Mission series. Sorry for the wall of text, but any help is appreciated, thanks in advance! Also, apologies if a thread like this already exists, I could not find one while browsing through the other threads, so I figured I'd just make one.
  2. Hello Combat Mission community, I am back again, this time to get your "must have" mods. I want to make a forum post, so all new players like myself can get familiar with the "go to" mods. I've been playing around with quick battles, and have been getting used to all the controls. One thing I noticed, is performance isn't amazing. I used NVIDIA control panel to tweak the settings, and I figured that this game is CPU heavy. I have a GTX 770, a I7-4790k as well as 16 gb of ram, so I wish to pick up some mods to possibly get more out of my GPU, as well as a more immersive experience. I am looking for: A HD overhaul for buildings, terrain, and if possible, those terrible map backdrop (please tell me how much of a performance impact the mod has) Unit Packs (More units would be nice) HD Units (the normal ones are nice, I would just like to see other options for better visuals) Sound overhaul (once again, I want to know the performance impact, if any) Those are just the core mods I am looking for, but please, If there are other mods that you strongly recommend; go for it. I really just want to experience all of the amazing content this community has created. And what better way to find great mods, than to ask you guys directly. A few questions I have about mods, can you use them in multiplayer (i'm not ready for multiplayer yet, I'll come back later for that), A video on how to install mods would be great, and lastly how do I install custom scenarios? Thank you for your help, and recommendations.
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