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Found 1 result

  1. Quick Question N1: What's Next? Quick Question N2: When? Last time we had something happening in CM world was Tuesday April 25th of 2017 when CMBS Battle Pack came out (by the way I never played any campaign/battle in CM, I view it as a sandbox for quick battles/multiplayer only, so I dont even know those story lines behind those games (its all like a setting for me and thats all)). So basically its almost a year since last update in CM world happened. Last patch was like in 2016. So gentlemen, please share all the things you know about what is going, when we will have our hands on new content, and when two major games in series CM: Red Thunder and CM: Black Sea will be massively updated with new formations, armies, vehicles, units, and so on. Another words when we will have a chance to spend our money on sweet stuff again? P.S. I viewed all the youtube channels, I went through all magazines like armchair colonel (and yes i made a mistake for a reason) or something like that (well that stuff what was posting news about CM world before) and I wonder when the most interesting games of this series will be finally updated? When we will see WW2 game 1939-1941, when we will see new equipment to those games we already have? When will we finally get our hands on TONS of new and high quality stuff? I'm really ready to spend a good old dollars of mine on the new polished content. By the way why there are no upgrades to CMA? When new seasons will be added to those games what are limited to certain months? When we will get new huuuuuuuge maps for battalion level battles? When the time of a quick battle will be increased to 4 or even 6 hours? When you we will be able to set quick battles in CMA in a normal way by picking units ourselves? When tons of bags will be fixed in existing games? I mean its being a year of silence (on all official channels/sources) basically since we got something happening. Quick example - remember those times when developers were posting ingame footage on certain youtube challens (like mission walthrough, and all that)? Where are all the new teasers, screenshots, videos, trailers, shows, and all that? As a customer I feel completely abandoned, it looks like nothing is moving anywhere (and there are tons of things to improve and to fix). So my fellow comrades, my friends, please share what you know about what is going to happen next within CM world and when that might be happening. Coz its kinda seems... like... Nothing is going on. I do not like to use forums as a source of information because its always subjective (no deadlines, no updates on time, no time lines whatsoever, its always like "lets see after like next december" or so) but my God there were no news about CM in PC games related portals for a while. So I guess I need to ask it here. Last but not least - please support this topic just because that will make me look cool lol. Just kidding, please support this topic with screenshots and links to those sources you use to find out what will happen and when will happen.
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