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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone have any good references for indirect fire? Questions: How to use? - General Command and control - dos and don't How to decrease delay? How to improve accuracy? Limitations and considerations of the "Cancel' and "Adjust" order. Other helpful hints. It seems that my troops have a lot of difficulty hitting what they target, if they fire at all. I've done a search on the forums and come up with; more than 70 results for Arty and 125 for Mortar. It would be nice to find a comprehensive guide, tutorial, or video. Or series.
  2. Hello gentlemen, Currently playing CMBN and I have a question about using on-map mortars, just to make sure I am not trying to do something that just isn't feasible in the game. I'd be glad if anyone of you could let me know if I'm missing something here or incorrectly interpret what can or can't be done. So I have this mortar section deployed behind a tall bocage. The HQ is up forward, looking at an open field up ahead, while its three 60mm mortar teams are slightly behind, deployed, ready to fire, and in full contact with the HQ, but WITHOUT LOS on the field. I want to deliver mortar fire at the other end of the field. I was assuming all along that I would be able to deliver fire from my three mortars using the HQ as a direct spotter, as if the LOS of that HQ would extend to its mortars. I seem to recall this being feasible in CMx1. Right now, my reading of the situation is that I cannot do that, and that I have two ways of using mortars: Direct fire with the mortar having a clear LOS on its target.Indirect fire being spotted and called through the arty interface.There are a number of issues with the second options: Unless I'm missing something, HQ can only spot for ONE of its THREE organic on-map mortar (I think I could get the three gun as a battery were they off-map) as each gun is treated individually in the arty interface. To my surprise, going this way resulted in a 5 minutes delivery time, which seems exceedingly long considering the HQ is actually about 20 meters away directing the fire of its own gun. I'm just through reading Eugene Sledge memoirs where there are plenty of occurences of the mortar section leader directing fire of its mortars teams, acting as a direct spotter, and doing it pretty quickly as well. So my question is whether I am doing this wrong somehow or if directing mortar fire from in-contact HQ à la CMx1 just can't be done. TIA
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