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Found 3 results

  1. First off, Hello everyone and thanks for taking some time to read this. So while I am a complete noob to this series I am not one to "sim" games similar to this. I have meddled with DCS World, Operation Flashpoint (the old ones), the Arma series, etc. So my main thing is I have played the Demo for Normandy and like it and have watched several videos about the other games but I still have some questions that I hope the community can answer. Also, sorry if I asked anything that was already answered in another thread. Thanks again all and I can't wait to dive into the series. - Would the Normandy Big Bundle be the way to go for content and mod support or are any of the other CM games more bang for your buck? - How does CM Fortress Italy and Final Blitzkrieg hold up in terms of content/mods? - Does Black Sea or Afghanistan have more content/community support?
  2. Maybe is too soon for talk about next RT module, but with engine 4.0 near, and probably also the next FI module, maybe now is time to speculate on what is waiting us in the "wild east". Cold and snow (winter is coming). The basic and essential added to Red Thunder (IMO) More maps, much more maps. RT is a great game but really I'd like to have more scenaries for playing. In the RT manual, BF said that next module will covert the time frame since RT (September'44) to Battle of Berlin. Well, this was wrote near three years ago, maybe the plans have changed in this time. This front is huge, and there are enough operations and miles for bring them to us in several modules and packs. (Really it would be great to play with the 45 TO&E.) Later versions for russians and german vehicles and tanks and, of course, kitties and elephants. About lend-lease tanks, I miss them since the beginning. Really, it'd be great can to play with "red Shermans" advancing on the steppes. but I was asking me if these tanks will come in the next Red Thunder module or as a vehicle pack. KVs, KVs everywhere KV-85, KV-1S. and maybe the older KV-1 because it was used in the Karelian front in much later periods as 1944. This option has sense if BF expand the current Eastern Front to another sectors. About units, probably LW Field Divisions, Gebirsj├Ągers, Fallschirmsj├Ągers, Waffen, .... and maybe(crossing fingers) another countries such as Finland, Hungary, Roumania, etc... In the russian side, another great option would be to add polish units. I know that I forgot to much, so if anybody has a good idea, please add here.
  3. Tiny mod - tinkered with the module icon that shows on the lower left of the front end GUI. A little flavour for a UKR campaign I'm working on. This is a little more political, but I'll also do one for the Russian/Separatist. Drag and drop into: User Interface\Splash Screen For anyone curious, its a 24bit version of the original file. Thence no rounded corners. PSD is available if requested. module icon main game.bmp
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