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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, Sorry in advance for my English; this is not my native tongue. Since it doesn't exist a specific subforum for general mods problems, I post this here on the last Battlefront's product mods subforum. If I'm not right, tell me. I'm having a lot of troubles trying downloading mods from CMMODs III's web site. The downloads (too many) often stops before the end of the file (the DL is considered done by the program), and I am forced to try again and again, keeeping me pined in front of my screen, because It is almost systematic if I queues multiples mods. Given the sizes and the number of mods I use, it's very annoying trying to download them one by one, and often multiples times to succeed (if succeeding at all). The size doesn't seems to matter, but of course the problem is more critical on big files. I don't have any restricted firewall or router, and the trouble isn't linked to a specific program: I have tried Chrome & Firefox and FDM, a download manager, and it's all the same. I haven't a very good line for my Internet access, but I don't experience this kind of problems on others platforms or web sites (Steam, GoG, whatever). [By the way, IIRC, I had more or less the same problems when I downloaded from the old repository... and at this time, I had a much better Internet access!!!] Perhaps it is a problem from the web site side, like short time-out or restrictions on simultaneous connexions? Before contacting the CMMODs III's web site administrator (Bootie, it seems), I'm asking here: Does anybody else have a similar problems? Is a known solution or bypass exists? Thanks in advance. Q'Xel [I haven't properly introduce myself, sorry. I am a very old custommer of Battlefront CM products (in fact, since CMBO...), former teenage player of ASL. It is my first post because I'm primary a big forum lurker. I possess CMBN, CMFI, CMFB & CMBS, but don't play them much unfortunately. I don't always have the necessary time. I live in Europe.]
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