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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all. I decided to post my most recent findings in regarding minefields and mine removal in CMBS. Some or all of this might be known to some of you but since I have complained about this subject in the past I think it is appropriate to talk about these rather positive findings and thoughts: First up the problems I complained about in the past: CMBS and engineers in CM-games in general lack the ability to completely remove mines, especially ANTI-TANK mines. Infantry can move across marked minefields with relative safety but vehicles cannot. CMBS does not have any dedicat
  2. I am playing a scenario in CMFB that includes mine fields in the initial setup. I don't know if they are anti-personnel, anti-vehicle, or mixed. In any case, is it safe to move men and vehicles through a friendly mine field, or do they risk detonating the mines as the enemy would? Another way to ask would be, do mine field know which side they're on?
  3. Does CM has any mechanism where individual squads (pioneers most probably) can create safe paths through the minefields? I left a team of engineers sitting on a known minefield and they did nothing. I feel that if a minefield is found and identified by an attacker there should be no way that he could bring any infantry through without first creating a safe passage. Infantry just should not be allowed to walk through a minefield. Second, if a minefield is identified there should be a way to create a safe path through it. Think of it in this terms. An action spot in CM is 8 by 8 meters (I
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