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Found 2 results

  1. I think I may have discovered why some minefields have become more difficult to spot. In CMSF, in addition to AT, AP and mixed minefield, there is the IED minefield. The IED minefield has nothing to do with the wire, cell & radio IEDs. It seems to be single AT mine. I think it is hard to detect because it contains only one AT mine. Since it only has one AT mine there is also less of a chance a vehicle will hit it while crossing. (I moved infantry at Fast across the minefield many times with no detonations so I believe it is an AT mine. Also it goes to neutralized after one detonation so just one mine.) I did some testing with regular engineers and it took an average of seven minutes for the engineers to detect the minefield. One team of engineers took 30 minutes and never detected the minefield when I stopped testing. I suspect the opening scenario of the Task Force Thunder campaign as these IED minefields at the opening in the berm. Since it is a campaign I can't look in the editor to check. This may explain the behavior about mines that so many players are commenting on.
  2. Hi all. I decided to post my most recent findings in regarding minefields and mine removal in CMBS. Some or all of this might be known to some of you but since I have complained about this subject in the past I think it is appropriate to talk about these rather positive findings and thoughts: First up the problems I complained about in the past: CMBS and engineers in CM-games in general lack the ability to completely remove mines, especially ANTI-TANK mines. Infantry can move across marked minefields with relative safety but vehicles cannot. CMBS does not have any dedicated engineering vehicles commonly found in modern mechanized armies. This I hope will get remedied in the next CMBS module since CMBN already got the allied sherman crabs. Due to these reasons I came to the conclusion that mine warfare is simply too effective and completely unfun (it still is but maybe to lesser degree) and thus it is not really feasible to use them as element of scenario design in realistic proportions. Mines are still very relevant on the modern battlefield as can be attested by the abundant use of mines in current Donbass conflict and elsewhere. I found this very disturbing and somewhat depressing since I had in my mind to make several scenarios representing realistic use of mines and defensive light infantry tactics against mechanized attacker. Now on the the new (at least for me) findings: In CMBS with the current (1.4) patch there are three possible and easy workarounds for clearing a safe path through moderately deep (2 AS) minefields: NON-AIRBURST regular tank cannon rounds of t-72b3 can remove mines by firing directly at the (preferably marked) mined action squares from close range. This will take many rounds but I think it is somewhat appropriate work around to simulate mine-roller or plow fitted t-72 engineer variants. I was previously under the impression that only 152mm artillery rounds where capable of detonating antitank mines in CMBS. Point target 152mm artillery is more than able to take out minefields in few turns (with some luck). Once again marking the path through the minefield helps to confirm that the mines have indeed detonated. This is to some degree old news but for some reason seems now more viable option especially when combined with the newly discovered tank cannon method. It is also possible for the scenario author to place barbed wire on top of the minefields that can be then BLASTED with engineers resulting in the AT mines exploding as well. This however is very dangerous and will most likely result in engineer casualties but resembles to some degree the use of bangalore torpedo like explosive devices in mine removal duty (which is also very dangerous in reality). Naturally this solution is sub optimal but possible should the scenario author wish to use it. Hopefully this is of some help to people. Cheers! -H1nd
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