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Found 3 results

  1. I was reading that the Pat and TaL building mods are not the right style for Market Garden scenarios. Do any of them look accurate for the area? If not, I assume I should disable all the Pat and TaL building mods if I want my MG games to look more accurate? I'm using: Pat TaL Modular buildings 1 - 4 Pat_TaL_independent_building_1 - 2 Pat TaL independent commercial buildings Tanks a Lot's CMBN Barns Tanks a Lot's CMBN buildings Tanks a Lot's CMBN Church 2 Thanks.
  2. Thought I'd dip my toe in here with an after action video. Its a medium sized, quick battle meeting engagement, I'm playing as the Germans and my opponent is playing as the American army. This is just the intro and the first few turns, more to follow as soon as I get time to edit it all together... (I'm liking the shiny new forum- embedding youtube is much easier)
  3. i was searching but didn't find anything so maybe someone here could help. i am looking for testimonials, maps, after action reports... anything involving real troops depicted in Road to Nijmengen campaign by Paper Tiger. i wasn't able to find anything specific and would like to know if somebody could point me in right direction. thanks
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