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Found 2 results

  1. I played a PBEM against a friend I often play with back in December, I took a break for a few months afterwards, I came back to play a single player campaign, "Crossing the Dnieper" in CMBS, right away I noticed some weird glitches. Which occur in every combat mission I own. When I shift+click to select multiple units at the same time, the game lags out after trying to select a third unit and there is a large delay, issuing them all orders at the same time is basically impossible and very laggy, issuing orders unit by unit, is no real problem When using the mouse scroll wheel to move the camera up and down, or when trying to pan the camera, the controls are very unresponsive and delayed. When pressing the red button to play out the turn the following occurs roughly 30~40% of the time, The game can't be fast forwarded or rewound while watching the turn play out After the turn has played out the Done message appears and I cannot interact with the game in any way, the only option is to task manager and close the game I have been playing Combat missions for several years and I have never experienced any major technical issues as far as lag or very low fps, except for on overly huge scenarios. I even tried to play battles that were sized tiny and the issues were the exact same as above. I've tried reinstalling the games on a different hard disk, I've tried resetting my nvidia control panel to default settings as well. I also tried running the game in windows 8 compatibility mode. I'd be really grateful if anyone had any ideas at all thanks. DxDiag.txt
  2. Hello CM Community, I'm fairly new to the series, owning both Black Sea, and Battle For Normandy, but for this issue i'm more focused on BS. My issue is that when playing on maxed settings with V-sync off I have never had smooth gameplay, the game is very laggy and at times slow to no response when in the midst of a battle. i thought maybe it was because there were a lot of units on the map, but when i got to map preview with no units, i still struggle to keep a steady 45 fps, with it dropping and lingering around 25 fps. its very hard to play that way. Specs: Intel I7 4970K GTX 980 16gb RAM Windows 10 below are my nvidia control panel settings, i've tinkered around with them trying to achieve the best performance but to no avail.
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