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Found 2 results

  1. I stumbled on a small made scenario - Afghani stan Its very well made, small unit selection. It makes me recall most of @Combatintman Op Neptune Spear moments, and others. With a fast moving tempo. This one is nice, since its literally designed to ambush an upcoming convoy of a US turned Talib, + other terrorist armed militia and soldiers. Just wanted to make a small heads up for those who wish to give it a spin. Do you know who was the designer of this ?
  2. When directing a multi-aircraft strike with one JTAC, it is irritating when aircraft break off due to being unable to find a target and -- due to the one strike restriction in place -- cannot be brought back into play. As for solutions: 1) Aircraft in a multi-aircraft strike will not break off as long as at least one aircraft spots something, i.e. all or nothing. Either they all break off due to failure to spot targets or they all stick around to continue hunting. 2) A special status like "HOLDING" enabling them to be either re-directed by the original JTAC or snapped up by another available JTAC. 3) Remove the one strike restriction. 4) Allow unassigned aircraft to seamlessly join a strike already in progress.
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