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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Forum! I recently found a user made scenario I had been wanting to play for some time. So I thank Seinfledrules for it. The Scenario is AD into Lithuania. I must admit, I have been oogling it for some time now so when a bit of extra time was presented this weekend who was I to refuse.. So without further stalling: Situation July the 9th 1944, following the capture of Minsk our unit is driving into Lithuania, operating on a road on route to Vilnius. Our Companys lead tank is suddenly hit and brews up in an explosion. After contacting our head quarters the situation is made clear to us: It has been deemed possible for our company of T-34s and attached infantry to attack; Orders are to clear the village of Pilpakiai of German defenders, and see to it that the rest of our forces can advance along this road to Vilnius. Mission Our orders are to Seize and Occupy the Village of Pilpakiai and a farm complex near the road to Vilnius. We are ordered to deploy, assess and attack where it is deemed necessary. As everything is assembled total combat time is calculated to arround 45 minutes. Execution The enemy is at unknown strength, orders from HQ is that a two wave attack is best adviced so that our company of tanks can act as support assets for the infantry company. The enemy is most likely defending the T intersection and Village to deny us road access and has praobably deployed several antitank and machinegun assets in the surrounding terrain with a good field of view on the road. Accounting for the German Doctrine it can be assault guns covering the road. So be prepared for the tanks to engage armor. Our company of Tanks has seen some losses. We are likely not receiving any reinforcements and so are the Germans,we do however need the infantry to have a reserve in case the Germans are reinforced. Enemy force composition is unclear, estimating the size of the Village and the Germans will to defend and based on the previous month asses that the enemy fields atleast a half strength infantry company (we assume full strength though), light fortifications (foxholes at best, if any) and AT and heavy machineguns overlooking the road. We will make no attempt to splitt forces. The enemy is defending the village so most of them vill be centralised arround the objectives. The infantry attacement is well motivated for an assault and is likely to stay in the fight once commited, that is, if it is not strained or pummeled before the enemies main line of resistance is found and engaged. Our Forces Consists of: 3rd Company HQ: Galimov Regular, Rested, Good Command, Ok 1st platoon HQ: Salamatin Regular, Rested, Good Command, Good motivation, Ok 1st Medium Tank: Chalov Regular, Rested, good motivation, Ok 2nd Medium Tank: Kapitonov Green, Rested, exceptional motivation, Ok 2nd Platoon HQ Tank: Aushev Regular, Rested, Good Command, exceptional motivation, Ok 1st Medium Tank: Ryleev Regular, Rested, Ok 2nd Medium Tank: Gamzulin Regular, Rested, Good Command, exceptional motivation, Ok 1st Company INF HQ: Terekhov Regular, Rested, exceptional command and motivation, Ok Sniper Team: Parshin Veteran, Rested, exceptional command, Ok 2nd Platoon HQ: Novozhilov Regular, Rested, good command, exceptional motivation, Ok Sniper Team: Asafyev Veteran, Rested, negative command, good motivation, Ok 2nd Squad: Dudarenko Green, Rested, good command, Ok 3rd Squad: Kagantsev Regular, Rested, good command, good motivation, Ok 1st platoon HQ: Skuratov Regular, Rested, Exceptional motivation, Ok Sniper Team: Petrukhin Regular, Rested, good motivation, Ok 2nd Squad: Nazarov Regular, Rested, exceptional motivation, Ok 3rd Squad: Kalyugin Veteran, Rested, exceptional command and motivation, Ok Map Top View: Map Tilted View, Top: Until next post // Cheers
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