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Found 1 result

  1. I think I may have discovered why some minefields have become more difficult to spot. In CMSF, in addition to AT, AP and mixed minefield, there is the IED minefield. The IED minefield has nothing to do with the wire, cell & radio IEDs. It seems to be single AT mine. I think it is hard to detect because it contains only one AT mine. Since it only has one AT mine there is also less of a chance a vehicle will hit it while crossing. (I moved infantry at Fast across the minefield many times with no detonations so I believe it is an AT mine. Also it goes to neutralized after one detonation so just one mine.) I did some testing with regular engineers and it took an average of seven minutes for the engineers to detect the minefield. One team of engineers took 30 minutes and never detected the minefield when I stopped testing. I suspect the opening scenario of the Task Force Thunder campaign as these IED minefields at the opening in the berm. Since it is a campaign I can't look in the editor to check. This may explain the behavior about mines that so many players are commenting on.
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