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Found 3 results

  1. Just had a thought about a cool addition that would add more depth to the game than the current 'buddy aid' system. (I understand this may never make it into the game. I just thought it would be nice to get a discussion going) A more immersive injury system with details specifying the specific injury and to what part of the body would be a nice addition and having dedicated medics in the squad use supplies to treat them. Depending on the injury, they may not be able to carry on fighting and would need to be either left on the battlefield or carried/transported away. A medical evacuation system would be nice, being able to call in a helicopter/vehicle via radio (a bit like the artillery) to an area and having troops carry the wounded onboard.
  2. Hi everyone, after the release of Shock Force 2 even though i have not purchase it myself. I took the opportunity to come up with a story line for a would be campaign together with its first scenario. For now this is what I've prepared so far but I would like to expand it even further with richer story arc over this campaign and a backstory starting from the end of the Syria civil war leading toward the second US intervention into Syria. Do let me know what you think of this campaign/scenario. Operation Resurgence Ravaged by civil war the ruins left by the international proxy war in Syria barely allowed a weakened government in place consisting mostly of Assad loyalists. After overwhelming outcry from the international community over its treatments of civilians during and post civil war, the US and its NATO allies have now decided to launch a full blown campaign on the Assad regime in Syria beginning with the liberation of Rajo towards the city of Aleppo. What was once an international icon of a modern Islamic country has now turned into a hellish battleground since 2012 and would not end soon with he beginning of the second US intervention into Syria. The 42nd Marines Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (LAV) lead by Lieutenant Colonel Rufus White are tasked with opening a front in Syria beginning with the highways of Rajo bordering Turkey, this would allow access to its neighboring provinces. Battle hardened from the war in Iraq, they were accustomed to the harsh climate and the brutal condition of a war torn country. The town of Rajo lies at the border of Turkey and is also an intersection between between other major cities. Battle Plan Rajo’s main two roads leading to the city of Aleppo. Intel suggests a military presence in the surrounding villages in Rajo guarding the highways. Expect strong resistance coming from the southern region. Securing the nearby houses would help in getting rid of any enemy while also providing cover fire over the highways for secure passage for the main army. HQ has granted access to AV-8B Harrier from the nearby turkey airbase and would lend support to the bulk of this mission with much needed aerial firepower over the roads of Rajo. Lack of intel cannot confirm of any enemy anti air capabilities in the vicinity. Caution is advised. The main objective is to secure the highways to establish a forward base in Rajo and to open a front to the heart of Syria. “The great revolution in the history of man, past, present and future, is the revolution of those determined to be free.” - John F. Kennedy (35th President of the United States)
  3. Tactical lifehack. I think that it is important for us to share some tactical lifehacks related to this wonderful game. Please attach screenshot of your knowhow and some description of it. I think if we will organize our answers that would work better. So please share your ideas supported by screenshots and detailed description of what it does or what it serves for. Thank you. Since I’ve started this topic I will provide first lifehack. As you can see on a picture there are some barbered wire around mixed mines. This thing is useful when it is located on the opposite side from your enemy across some river. It should be specifically placed in areas where crossing the river is the most comfortable for your enemy. Simple at first look it turns out very effective in slowing down your enemy. Enemy infantry forces will need to go around or will be forced to use some sappers to go through it. If enemy forces will use armored vehicles to run over that wired thing they will be damaged by mines almost immediately. Even you facing smart opponent who will use engineers this thing can became a mass grave in no time. All you have to do is to place your BMP, or any other armored vehicle on a solid distance from this trap. Your vehicle should have good visual of that area and should be able to fire through it. When your enemy will try to organize some breakthrough it will be forced to slow down, its infantry will need to go around or break through under fire, its vehicles will not be able to advance fast. The main goal of this thing is to slow down your opponent. Furthermore I’ve also checked this thing on human factor. One of the people I’ve played with faced this trap, he was almost sure that I’m simply wasting my fortifications shaping them in awkward manner. He decided to go through it by using 3 of his BTR’s 82A without even unloading his infantry. The result was dramatic, I had a BMP-2 sitting in ambush around 450 meters away from that spot. I gave certain target arc to my BMP, and in terms of two minutes an entire platoon was smoked out. Then he decided to go through it with bigger forces and that took some time. By the moment he finally passed that thing my arty was already preparing to shell some area in front of him. Conclusion: this thing can be a trap for AI, it can be a trap for a real player, and it is a great way to slow down your opponent. It is also a great way to redirect your opponents plans because most of the people are getting excited when they see some barricades, they really wanna go through them. Counter act hint: if you want to counter this thing you need to shoot through barricades, deploy smoke, use your engineers and then move on. You can also call an artillery strike on it but that is a waste. If you see this thing I would recommend to cross that river in a different place because price of crossing can be way higher than you think.
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