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Found 2 results

  1. I've been using a lot more artillery since you explained that modern FISTers strive to deliver first round FFOs. The idea of keeping a running plot of an up-to-date overlay ready to go makes perfect sense to me. But after throwing 30 or 35 TRPs out on a huge map, it occurs to me to ask why a grid? Surely there's a more efficient form than a rectangle. Dazzle us with your wisdom, FO, and we will lift your heavy **** for you.
  2. A long while back I uploaded a low resolution grid version of Birdstryke's 'Syrope" terrain from CMSF to the CMBN repository back when I had a slower machine. I was asked if I had any higher res grid tiles to share so i will put them here. First, all credit and thanks to the original artist/modders whom I have cherry picked from through the years to make custom sets from. Since getting a better machine I have not made a full grid set yet of higher resolution grid terrain, but will put what i have and add should i make more. These days I am using mostly Kieme's for CMBN and CMRT, but do have some others mixed in that I like for one reason or another. If anyone else has grid tiles they want to share please feel free to add them here. If it is a full set it might be too big for the thread so the repository may be better place to put it. I will be putting mine up piece meal to cherry pick from easier. For others that upload, and do the same I suggest using this format: Put both the big tile and its mini counterpart in a folder. If it is "ground grass" include the distant ground tile in the "grass" folder. This will ensure the best color matches between large and small tile. Name the folder such as "Aris ground grass", or whomever the mod is from. Labeling in this way makes it easy to swap out tiles with out overwriting accidentally, and makes it easy to create your own custom set. All the tiles from any mod, or stock game work in any cmx2 game. Here is a grid version of Aris's grass I use in all my games. He included a grid version in his mod, but I found it a bit too fine and hard to see so I made this one. It easy to see, not as fine, and has a dirt color earth tone and quality to the lines. Grid Aris Ground Grass: Grid Aris ground grass.zip This is Grid Aris grass + Grid Kieme yellow grass
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