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Found 4 results

  1. Figured this subforum would be best since these explosions aren't really family-specific. The news of CM Cold War inspired me to dig back into making explosions. I present to you my latest (and greatest) explosion! Get it here (link)! Animated demonstration here: https://i.imgur.com/hel1fau.mp4 The animation really sells it I think, since it doesn't look too great in stills yet, but I'm working on it!
  2. So I've been playing around with the explosion graphics in CM - I've enjoyed the ones from the various mods, but it always bothered me how huge and cartoony they looked. So I set about making an explosion inspired by Project Reality and Squad: And ended up with this: I'm in no way completely satisfied with what I have, but I'm lazy and was wondering what you guys thought - good direction to head in? You can download it here: Google Drive Extract into the Mods folder in My Documents, or the Z folder in the game directory
  3. Hi All To make a long story short, father in his middle 40-ties decided it's time to check are there any modern time "Close Combat" game for him and here we are. Finally:) But on the road to Combat Mission it was obvious that some games are more "eye candy". First decision was to make textures mod. But omg there are "billion" already top notch textures and community already provided great stuff here. Then I discovered "War Movie" mode. Why devs didn't made it default? But than again colors in movie mode are somehow too washed and not for everybody eyes. But Battlefront made right direction (they just weren't enough radical with movie shader settings) Textures are great we just need some fancy shader FX stuff. Being developed few iOS games myself I totally understand enormous amount of work small team like Battlefront can have with its own engine and all the assets. As there is no SweetFX or Reshade for Mac OS X only solution was to try dig in into shaders and here we go: - this is modified Battlefront “War Movie” shader - this will replace the opt-M (alt-M) mode - put the unzipped folder in "z" folder - should work also with CMFI and CMBS - don't know is this is allowed. Would be great if someone from Battlefront check it. Even greater if this is somehow putted in future official releases - tested on iMac OS X Yosemite with ATI 6750m - little or no performance hit - OS X only (someone can check it on Windows too - not sure will it work) - screenshots are unedited. Only used some community mods (aris mostly) - experimental stuff - please don't edit shader if You don't know what You are doing! Combat Mission FXShine mod link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/49hc7e5cn0lve4d/AADjTuXSsx6l35wtx_4g3mnda?dl=0 Oops - long story! Please enjoy and post Your best screenshoots!
  4. Pretty much what it says. When you add this to your game you'll get static laden radio chatter coming from all your vehicles (while sitting and moving). SEE the readme for all the info. There's regular and Mac versions. Links are after the pic. And if by chance there's a lot of down loads and my bandwidth runs out on Mediafire do what you guys can to help get the files to people that missed out. PC Version http://www.mediafire.com/download/4q9qbyrpo89kg33/Mords_Vehicle_Radio_Chatter_Mod.zip Mac Version http://www.mediafire.com/download/3vhtqvex64e1jqo/Mords_Vehicle_Radio_Chatter_Mod_MAC_VERSION.zip NOTE: For guys that might read this in the future the Black Sea Repository section should be up so, just check for it there. Mord.
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