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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Time for my second mod release! Do you hate the look of a brand new, clean weapon on a battlefield? You're in luck because I do too! I re-skinned all of the CAF weapons except the AT Weapons. Enjoy! Pictures and link below! Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14nPMJyUdaXQkUb_yhfommlgbVxakDsBb/view?usp=sharing
  2. Hi all, To begin with, I was annoyed by the OD vest that is default and decided to re-skin it to CADPAT AR. It also features IR Canada flags and ISAF patches. I wish I could have changed the model as well, but I lack knowledge on how to do that. Here's a preview: As usual, to install just extract to: Cheers, Atlas Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xmBbWXUVtp0Hdgu_bnkSVaEkuPd-AdAM/view?usp=sharing Atlas CAF Afghanistan Inspired Tactical Vest Re-Skin.7z
  3. I'm trying to help my dad with CMBN installation. Here are the separate file components he had; - CMBN disc -CMBN Commonwealth Forces Disc -CMBN upgrade V2 - CMBN Operation Market Garden Disc - CMBN Upgrade 3+4 Windows bundle Downloaded files. After having trouble downloading version 4, I finally managed to get it installed, however his two add on modules were not present. I read some of the forum and tried to figure out how to do it. I understood that they needed to be reactivated, yet I couldn't find the activate modules shortcut, nor could I find it when searching the files on the computer. I need help on how to keep the v4 upgrade, but also how to install/activate the Market Garden/Commonwealth modules. Thank you P.S. Whilst looking through the files, i could only see the v4 upgrade, and no v3 upgrade.
  4. This thread is an attempt to collate current information on the organization & condition of the Ukrainian Ground Forces - specifically the combat elements of its Army, National Guard, Spetsnaz, Airborne/Air mobile, Artillery and Air Defence. 1) It does not claim to be comprehensive or definitive, merely useful and informative. 2) - - - THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL DISCUSSION THREAD - - - Threads in this forum have an unfortunate tendency to drift into politicized/fact v fact arguments*. This thread aims to avoid that bad habit. All I/we ask is that you respect the objective, subject, structure and contributors of this thread. Please.... 3) I am not a moderator, administrator or pally-pals with BFC. I have no formal or informal authority on these forums. Now, that said, I will objectively and reasonably flag/report posts that are OT, not relevant or distracting. How @Battlefront.com responds or deals with those flags (if at all) is entirely up to him. 4) POSTING NOTES: please try to hastag-header your posts with a category - eg, "ARMY", MECH INF., COMPANY ORGANIZATION, etc. This will drastically help collation for the follow on thread. See my next posts for an example. 5) Where applicable I will include Wikipedia links in order to simplify this thread. 6) Once a certain body of information is built up I will construct another thread with that information posted in its proper order. Now, forward.. *Which I personally am guilty of contributing to.
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