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Found 1 result

  1. Contains invisible floating unit icons for standard CMBN + CW forces. Unpack into data/z folder. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqq3xoi2p8rr6hs/Z_CMBN No Icons.rar?dl=0 This is not really a full mod. I consider this as experimental toolset for selectively replacing any existing FLOATING UNIT ICONS with invisible ones in CMBN (incl. CW forces). The main idea was to make enemy floating unit icons invisible, while the same time preserving the friendly ones (for quick access and overview), but also to add additional FOW while removing the possible distraction from enemy floating unit icons possibly covering larger parts of the game map. ALT+I does the same, but it´s all or nothing. ALL floating unit icons for german, US and CW can be replaced with invisible substitute icons. To achieve invisibility, alpha layers were made opaque by filling in all black with Photoshop and saved in 32Bit BMP alpha layer format (the standard). The folders contain all the invisible floating unit icons unpacked by default and a RAR packed file contains these as backup additionally. So if the mod rar file (Z_CMBN No Icons.rar) is unpacked straight into your data/z folder, EVERY floating unit icon in the game is replaced by invisible ones. Now the purpose is to selectively remove those icons you don´t want to be seen in the game from the sub folders. In example if you play as the US player vs. a german opponent, just delete those files from the friendly "USA" folder and leave the (invisible) "german" opponent ones in, if you don´t want to see german floating unit icons. This leaves any original or modded USA unit icons visible, while making german ones invisible. Also delete the files labeled "icon blue..." (used for US and CW) from the "shared" folder and leave the german ones (icon red...) as is. The two files from the "contacts" folder should be deleted, as these are needed for friendly FOW purposes. A packed backup file is always present in every sub folder. The backups contain the invisible floating unit icons. Original floating unit icons, as well as modded ones remain untouched off course. Note: Off course you need to switch floating unit icons ingame to ON (ALT+I). While the floating unit icon graphics are invisible, the actual icon objects are still physically present and if needed you can click/activate them as usual if clicking slightly above a unit in 3D space. Game manual: "Over the center mass of the units they represent" Another interesting use would be to just delete the files containing "fow" (fog of war) in filename, while preserving every other file in a subfolder. The "fow" files are contained in "british", "german" and "usa" folders. What happens in game is that just the "generic silhouette + question mark" icons pop up occasionally, indicating something has changed among the enemy force. Game manual: "Unknown or previously spotted but now out of sight units, as well as pure sound contacts, are shown with a generic silhouette and a question mark." I haven´t tested all SKILL LEVEL modes, so it might be possible that some of the above mentioned procedures need to be adapted or changed in order for the particular SKILL MODES handling of floating unit icons works the way you want. I usually play in IRON. RockinHarry Edit: Also works fine with CMFB. Ignore British folder or delete it.
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