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Found 2 results

  1. For anyone waiting for the Red Thunder / Fire & Rubble bundle it's now on available the store here No more putting it off folks ...
  2. Hi! I'm enjoying my time with Fire and Rubble so far, the first campaign I decided to dig into was 'To Berlin'. While playing the first mission of the campaign, I realized that after my first T-34 crossed the river at the player's starting side of the map, that my remaining T-34's wouldn't cross the bridge despite a full roaring engine. What I saw instead was that upon moving from the second to the third 'square' of bridge, out of a total of about 6, the leading T-34 out of the two still on the bridge, would be teleported back to the beginning of the square. This is naturally quite a hassle as I wanted those extra T-34s to assist the platoon assigned to clearing Wieniec (or whatever that starting city was called). I didn't try to move any other vehicle like my M4A2's or my BA64's or the Jeep across since I was expecting the same reaction. Also, in order to not create another thread, I will note that T-34 road wheels seem to pull a road runner when you're not very close to them which is a bit comedic but also chaotic and most definitely unintended, even if T-34 engineering was sometimes not entirely professional
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