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Found 1 result

  1. Recently kohlenklau who is heading up the mod team of the Finnish Mod asked me to contribute a short campaign to go with the mod pack. Below are the details. The Battle of Tali-Ihantala The Battle of Tali-Ihantala is a CMRT Mini-Campaign depicting the actions of the Finnish IV Army Corps during June -July 1944 on the Karelian Isthmus. It was designed originally with version 3 of CMRT but was finished with version 4. However none of the new features in version 4 were incorporated into this campaign. It should play out fine in either version but let me know if problems arise. As always let me know of any corrections or problems as the campaign has only been quick tested. The battles depicted in this campaign, which is part of the Continuation War had been going since 1941. It focuses mainly on the actions of Finnish 18th Division and several supporting units. I tried to tag each unit with the correct Finnish abreviations as well as included the actual commanders but if any of our Finnish players see anything totally screwed up let me know. Below is a listing of the core units: Core Units: 1 P JR48 (1 Battalion Infantry Regiment 48) Eversti (Col.) Vaino Forsberg 2 P JR48 (2 Battalion Infantry Regiment 48) 2 P JR6 (2 Battalion Infantry Regiment 6) 2 P JR12 (2 Battalion Infantry Regiment 12) Eversti (Col.) Yrjo Hanste 3 P JR13 (3 Battlion Infantry Regiment 13) (Company of Swedish Volunteers) 1 Er.P 16 (Seperate Battalion 16) 3 Jaeger JP (Jaeger Battalion) Eversti (Col.) Albert Puroma 1 Er.Pion.K (Pioneer Battalion) Everstiluutnantti (Lt. Col.) Reino Inkinen Panssaridivisoona ( 2 Rynnakkotykki Assault Gun Battalion) Kenraalimajuri (Maj. Gen.) Ruben Lagus Sturm Brigade 303 (German Assault Gun Unit) Hauptman Friedrich Scherer 1/SG3 (Lufftwaffe)(Gefechtsverband Kuhlmey) Ju-87D Ground Attack Aircraft 1/SG5 (Lufftwaffe)(Gefechtsverband Kuhlmey) Fw-190F8 Ground Attack Aircraft Soviet Forces: 45th Guards Rifle Division 63rd Guards Rifle Division 27th Tank Regiment 30th Armoured Brigade Campaign Tree: 1. The Assault on Tali 2. Portinhoikka Crossroads 3. Counterattack at Tali 4. The Road Block at Ihantala This campaign features the excellent Finnish Mod Pack designed by the team put together by kohlenklau and all credit goes to them. The mod pack is included in the download. I added a Finnish Stug III mod to the pack to represent the Finnish armoured units. The mods are tagged for this specific cmapaign and should not interfere with any other campaigns or battles with the exception of the Finnish voice pack included in the mod folder. Remove this folder after playing or your German pixeltruppen may speak Finnish. All the maps were hand created by me based on what information I could find and google maps. Hopefully they represent the battle locations reasonably accurate. Also be sure to read the campaign designer notes as I have added some historical information about the battle. Hope it proves enjoyable Michael Here is the link to the campaign. Just place the mod folder into the dataz folder in your CMRT directory and the .cam file into the campaign directory. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i9d5icpdod3r0vs/The Battle of Tali Ihantala.zip?dl=0
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