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Found 6 results

  1. I am failing the mission despite occupying the objective and killing all enemies within the objective. Apparently there are enemies hiding somewhere, causing me to fail the mission. Since Mission 1 requires you to kill all enemies and only gives 5 points for actually capturing the objective. I have tried searching the entire landscape with squads and half-tracks and found no more enemies. I watched a youtube video where the user found no enemies outside the objective. My soldiers have covered the objective up and down and have searched all buildings in the objective area and some outside the objective. How is this possible, is the AI allowed to hide underground without firing or revealing their position? Here is the youtube series showing that there are no enemy combatants outside the objective.
  2. To the Meuse! After weeks of heavy fighting, the state of the Kampfgruppe is dire. Infantry companies are at half strength, and the panthers are suffering from a lack of repair. The retaking of Stavelot proved to be a costly affair. American resistance has greatly strengthened since the start of the operation. Their men fight to the last, with new equipment that evens out the playing field. The time is now. The Kampfgruppe must break through to the Meuse now -- or lose the opportunity forever!
  3. Hello this is my first AAR. This is an AAR of a quick battle I fought against @sid_burn I have fought more recent battles against Sid but this is one of the more fitting battles for an AAR. I am attacking as Germans against Americans in a medium size attack. The map is well forested with all the objectives being accessible by forest from my right and there is some forest on my left. The map for the most part slowly declines but trees in front of the town obscure some los from the hill. This is my first time attacking Sid in a QB so I am unsure of what to expect. I expect infantry and artillery but am unsure of how much armor he will take. I am only sure he will put AT guns on a ridge that overlook a good portion of the hill. My own forces consist of a battalion of Grenadiers and three Brummbars. This is one of my first time using Brummbars and I'm curious how they will perform. If Sid takes a lot of armor that could be problematic since Brummbars only carry 3 HEAT rounds and aren't very accurate. Probably would have better to replace 1-2 of the Brummbars with a stug but oh well. Given the terrain I should be able to get infantry AT close enough against armor if he has any. For artillery I have four on map 81mm mortars and two off map. I also have 2 heavy mortars and a forward observer to spot for them. Unfortunately I didn't bring any trps this battle. My base of fire is the hill using my Brummbars and HMGs to fire into the town. The 10th company will also move here. One platoon will secure the minor objectives (where I expect only a token or nonexistent defence), another platoon will be with the Brummbars and HMGs to protect and assist with fire into the town, and the third platoon along with the panzerschreck will move into the forest to secure it and flank the town. The 11th company will move along the forest to flank the major objectives and will be the main force pushing into the objectives. The 9th company will push along the far right to neutralize whatever forces he has on the ridge and to support the 11th company in their attack on the town. Will make more posts soon!
  4. First there was Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, then there was Combat Mission: Red Thunder and now there is Combat Mission: Final Blitzkrieg. I think that Both CMBN and CMRT combined contain most of the opponents fighting each other in Europe during the Second World War. In the Combat Mission: Final Blitzkrieg base game there is only US Army, German Heer, German Luftwaffe, and German Waffen-SS present. I sure hope there will come an addon, or addons, to the Final Blitzkrieg which makes all the other armies present too? There was of course also Combat Mission: Fortress Italy. But as the Italians had surrendered by the time of CMFB that game isn't included above. I've only played the demo to Final Blitzkrieg and will soon play the demos for the other three WWII games. But I already feel that if there will be an addon, or addons, to Final Blitzkrieg, which gives the buyers of the game access to the major armies, there will be opportunities to make custom made scenarios similar to the most interesting and fun scenarios from CMBN, CMFI and CMRT.
  5. I've been doing various games and battle reports on my gaming channel, and I recently did a couple Combat Mission Games that I thought some of you might enjoy. They're at: And the other one is at: Happy gaming everyone!
  6. Greetings to all! I'm a novice player new to the forums and enjoy those who take the time and effort to post AAR's As such I would like to do one for "A Muddy Affair" My immediate issue is the 0.49 max file size for screen shots. I'm on a Mac and use the screen grab feature ( very awesome ) however it's always over the allowable size limit to post as a picture. Curious if anyone knows a workaround so I can post without having to use a link like the previous AAR's I know and love. Much appriciated and thank you to the BFC for doing a great job on the new release! Martin
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