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Found 2 results

  1. A feature request: would it be possible to show some kind of anti tank icon as the floating icon for units that have PIAT weapon? This way it would be much faster to find those anti tank teams from a big map with lots of infantry. It would save lots of time when planning moves.
  2. When getting a new Combat Mission, one thing is obligatory for me: Getting Mord´s high vis hit decals in order to better analyze hits. I don´t know how many are like me but I really love to check all vehicles on the battlefield, what hit them, from where, how often, and the consequence. Can´t tell how much work this would mean but I really would like to see this getting expanded with more detail information like incoming trajectory (the decals only allow a guess on the angle) and/or damage to subssystem and personnel (i. e. "damaged/disabled main gun" or "wounded/kocked out driver").
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