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Found 4 results

  1. A feature request: would it be possible to show some kind of anti tank icon as the floating icon for units that have PIAT weapon? This way it would be much faster to find those anti tank teams from a big map with lots of infantry. It would save lots of time when planning moves.
  2. When getting a new Combat Mission, one thing is obligatory for me: Getting Mord´s high vis hit decals in order to better analyze hits. I don´t know how many are like me but I really love to check all vehicles on the battlefield, what hit them, from where, how often, and the consequence. Can´t tell how much work this would mean but I really would like to see this getting expanded with more detail information like incoming trajectory (the decals only allow a guess on the angle) and/or damage to subssystem and personnel (i. e. "damaged/disabled main gun" or "wounded/kocked out driver").
  3. Hi, Have only played one scenario (currently in PBEM) and several battles in to the Pieper operation (awesome so far!). I think BFC did a great job of capturing the winter in the Ardennes look and feel (colour palette) and a huge shout out to the map makers! Great work. I have seen the threads of people wanting to see new features however, and I too would want to see the game develop more features, rather than purely graphical updates. There still are a number of simple/minor features missing from the game that baffle me as to why they don't exist. One of these is the conventional way to know "what time of day" it is in any given battle. eg. 0738hrs, or 1528hrs Instead, the game just shows the "base" number of minutes (turns) remaining in the battle. Why is this something to care about? Well, as you know, the game does have a day/night cycle that tries to simulate changes in visible light and hence visibility ranges. Several scenarios/operations etc that you play are based on dusk/dawn time. As a consequence it becomes very important to understand when these changes in visibility are going to occur. I have been playing the Pieper operation and for the first time have seen a special effort by the scenario/operation designer in the battle briefing to indicate what the "visibility range" is at the start of battles and what the "visibility range" will become later in the battle as daylight sets in and how important it was. They also mention the range at which enemy gun fire can be spotted. You play the battle and you "unrealistically" have no idea what time it is! I understand that the scenario/operation designer could just arbitrarily say that sunrise will begin "x" minutes/turns in to the battle and last for "y" minutes/turns (something hey did not mention in my case) but is it really that much of an issue to instead have a "time of day" clock players can easily check against say sunrise/sunset times mentioned in the briefing? In fact, all sunset/sunrise times are fixed based on the date/year and the game could automatically list this information somewhere in the briefing notes. I also think that using 2400hr notation is a bit more "immersive" and useful when reading it in a briefing rather than everything based on "minutes/turns from the start of the battle", something a player can lose track of anyway once a battle starts anyway. Again, no big deal but something easy/simple that I am sure would be appreciated.
  4. Here is an idea I've thought about while playing various CM games during the years: would it be possible to have different units included in different playing modes? Now many scenarios claim they are suitable for H2H and human vs AI modes. Once you play them you may notice that one side may be clearly stronger because units have been selected to really make it playable against human vs one_side_AI. So I thought: would it be possible to add a new data item to all units in Scenario Editor: Include Playing mode: By default units would be included in all playing modes, basically this is the situation for H2H playing mode. Normally when playing against the AI, the AI side is given more units than human player. For these playing modes you could select some units "only for Blue AI" or "only for Red AI".These units would not be shown on map when playing against human opponent. With such simple addition I think ALL scenarios could be made playable with properly equalized units in all 3 playing modes: H2H, human vs red AI, human vs blue AI. Of course if the scenario designer does not WANT to add support for all modes, like adding AI movements for playing modes including AI opponent, it would not force him.
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