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Found 1 result

  1. There is a new version of CMUU at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ibiai1l1j5ssvo6/AAANU6X88kL7ANVuJslM0tTCa?dl=0 These are the major changes: Combat Mission Universal Utility Help You use this tool at your own responsibility. To prevent irreversible lost of data save all game files befor use! With the help of CMUU you can modify the campaign files, change the scenario sequence, add and delete scenarios (battles) and change some scenario preferences. Further features will be installed later. The scenario files (.btt) cannto be edited by the tool at the moment because there are some encoded data blocks. Thats why CMUU unpacks all scenario files (.btt) in a subfolder of the campaign folder called 'CM' after start. You can edit theese files using the editor included in the CM executable. After ending this editing process you should return to CMUU and 'Save' the campaign. Edit the campaign properties using the right property window. You can select a single .btt file outside CMUU and Copy it to the clipboard. Then you can paste it into CMUU. You can open multiple campaign files at the same time and copy/paste it between the campaigns. It's also possible to create a campaign script from the currently loaded campaign. To do this use the toolbar button 'Make Campaign Script'. To load scenario .btt files doesn't make sense at the moment for the reasons mentioned above. New in Version Removed a lot of bugs. Now scenario files can be loaded. Some properties like description, title, images can be edited or replaced. The file tree at the left panel is now working. Campaign images can be replaced and edited. There is a context menu at every image window. The images will be reloaded after saving in the image editor of your choice. Scenarios within a campaign can be deleted, exchanged and added. Drag and drop works within the application window and from the explorer and vice versa. So you may easily extract scenarios from a campaign by dragging it in a explorer window. If you edit a scenario file extracted into 'CMUUTemporary' with CM builtin editor it will be reloaded after saving. Best regards and send me your wishes Steinfisch Mail to mumumba@gmx.de CMM uses CMx2 ScAnCaDe sources by Mad Mike Steinfisch
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