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Found 4 results

  1. Well, after some trials and tribulations I have successfully modded another Independent building. It's a whitewashed and weathered barn, suitable for most periods of CM. The Town of Маленький Mayhem Malenʹkyy Mayhem is on its way, rather slowly, but I think it will now move foward. BTW should I zip it to send it to the two game repositories? As it is an extra building, not a replacement for existing ones it can be used immediately.
  2. Sorry if this was already discussed before, but I can't find it at forum/ In CMBB we have several types of buildings according to solidity - shack, light, heavy and factory. So what is in CMRT? What I must do if I want to create a village with several stone, several brick-made houses and the rest wood-made?
  3. I came across the following bug: A unit of mine (US inafanrty) entered a building (a normal two storey house). I spit teams. Team B got to the 1nd floor, took a casualty from HE, panicked, went to the ground floor, merged with Team A againt, and since then the unitede suad cannot execute an order to exit the building, as if there are no doors (there are two). After a reload the problem persists. Anyone else had experienced this?
  4. The main problem seems to be when I move forward to the next building(s) I get ambushed by a couple of enemy soldiers while my squat is in the open running for cover. Before any supporting units have time to respond I already have lost 1-2 soldiers. The "ambushes" are fast and almost always I kill the shooters fast but the first couple of seconds already cost me a soldier or two. This happens almost every time crossing a street ext. (read:all the time) so after even a small town fight I could lose easily 50-75% of my infantry. (I rarely lose my tanks) I almost always have eyes on the buildings the enemy opens fire from but I rarely manage to spot them before they open fire to my exposed units. So how do I advance in a city without getting ambushed this often while advancing? My current ideas and tactics: - I try to have a another unit always covering when I move a unit from a building to a building. (for example IFV and its infantry squat working together) - Have MBT or IFV over looking the city ready to fire on hostile buildings. (and also fire controllers for arty ext.) - Move slow and conservatively My first post here, so hello to everybody.
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