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Found 6 results

  1. When I'm not being a nuisance on here or stacking mad loot from modding competitions, I'm making stuff. I have been working on reworking some of the Red Thunder Master Maps into very large QB maps for CMBS. v1.0 of this pack has three maps, an attack, assault, and meet on Radzymin Master Map 2. Each has an AI plan for both sides and functioning objectives, but would probably be better for versus play. I will do more plans for each map, and eventually convert all Radzymin Master Maps to CMBS. Credits to the Master Map goes to BF Company. I cant post screens because Im on my laptop and they look gash, but Ill try to at the weekend when I am back with my high spec machine. Download Link v1.0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/1mey2x2m8h7itzd/SG_QB_Maps.7z?dl=0 Enjoy.
  2. Is it possible to save a user created formation created before a quick battle? I want to create several formations of different values for even quicker access, especially for head to head games.
  3. When the expansion is released or for a subsequent patch, what about being able to choose mixed forces in QB, or at least have the option to do so. It could better reflect US advisory teams working alongside Ukrainian formations and bringing superior air power to bear, or Russian led separatist forces if militia are added, without having to go into the editor and create specific scenarios. It would also allow representation of the mixed composite BTGs that where a VDV BTG will deploy with attached armour from a tank or motor-rifle unit, of course you would pay extra points for this in game but bring needed armour to an otherwise light VDV ORBAT.
  4. Here is my new year's modest gift for the community. Enjoy https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9z2aTq5oxcqMHNBXzJ0eGJ2Zk0/view?usp=sharing As usual, here is the briefing as teaser: ___________________ A veteran Russian Recon Company has established temporary headquarters in the factory complex shown on your map. The factory complex is full of workers which for the moment are held captive. The Russians carry with them key pieces of information and our agents among the workers of the factory have identified the locations where the relevant computer rooms have been established. Same agents have also given us have a pretty good idea about the buildings in which the enemy is established. Further we assume that the Battalion commander and the Company commander are in possession of vital information as well. Intelligence suggests that there are some BMP-2Ms in the vicinity as well as two SAM platforms. Your mission is to search the designated locations and if possible question or otherwise search the bodies of the commanders. At your disposal you have a full company of Seal Team 6 supported by two Apaches and 3x155m Howitzers. An UAV is also at your disposal. IMPORTANT: The Howitzers have been assigned to you for their precision & smoke capabilities only. Do not use them against buildings as we do not want to inflict any casualties on the factory workers. A russian quick reaction force (QRF) is stationed 30 minutes away more or less. We know that they conduct radio checks every thirty minutes with the forces occupying the factory. Based on this we will launch a strong electronic warfare attack over the area of operations (AO) immediately after the 03:00 comms check. We assume that upon missing the 03:30 comms check the QRF will rush in support of the compound. This gives you roughly one hour to complete your mission and exit the AO. One last point: As a result of the strong electronic warfare signal the capabilities of the SAMs will be substantially degraded. Do not spent too much time trying to locate the SAMs with your UAV and take them out with precision fire. The Apache pilots are crack and the electronic warfare signal offers them an advantage. [….. ] It is now 02:59….We have intercepted the radio check...Electronic Warfare signal is on….Go Go Go…. Acknowledgements: The mission map is a section of the fantastic crossroads maps by Keime - with only very slight modifications on my part to some buildings
  5. This is my first attempt to design a complex scenario. I tried not to make it too easy. I hope you will enjoy it. The initial insipration for this scenario was "Interdiction" by Kiri Salo included in the original CMBS installation. As a basis I used the same QB map but with substantial modifications by me to make it fit the storyline that I wanted to create. I also kept the "interdiction" concept and refraimed it to create an engaging (I hope) narrative The briefing as teaser: "Situation A Russian Recon Battalion has stationed for the night at the area of operation (AO) shown on your map. We know for sure that the Russians carry on them highly valuable intelligence about the compositions of their forces, strategic plans and logistical chains. The problem is we don’t know where exactly all this data is kept. Mission Your mission is to search all possible locations and collect all laptops and data storage devices we can find and bring them home for analysis. During the sweep we will not be in a position to know what is valuable and what is not. I have marked on your map the broad locations that you need to search. Make sure you clear each and all buildings there, collect everything that resembles a data storage device and bring it in. Intel & Plan The initial plan was to simply inset Company A with helos a few km away, rally here (north setup zone) at 02:30 and assault the Russian positions. The problem is that recent intelligence tells us that two platoons of Russian tanks (not sure what type) are approaching from the SE and are about to enter the area of operations via the bridge at the east of you map. If this happens Company A is as good as "dead on arrival". To counter this we have assembled 3 crack squads of LRS platoon enhanced with a sniper, a breach and a javelin team with the mission to escort a JTAC and a FS team on the top of Hill 101 dominating the AO. They will enter the AO from the west (west setup zone) at 02:00 riding on two Humvees and three LMTVs Their mission is to paint the bridge with laser and allow a precision strike by two F16s (Callsign: Archangel) cutting the access of the T90s to the AO. We know that at least two SAMs operate in the AO. Try to spot them and kill them with your javeling team or precision rounds to maximise the probabilities of success of Archangel. For this purpose 2 x 120mm mortars have been assigned to you. You will need to spot them yourself as no UAVs are available for this mission. Being on the hill, the team will also search the house on the top. For the success of the operation, It is imperative that the bridge is destroyed by no later than 02:45. You must order the airstrike even if some of the enemy air defences are not neutralised by that time. With this mind you must move at a quick pace and reach the hilltop without any delay.We do not template any enemy positions to the west of the foothills of Hill 101. After the bridge is destroyed, the tactical handling of the situation is entirely up to you. From 03:00 onwards a battery of 6 x 105mm Howitzers will be at your disposal. At 4:00 12 LMTVs Callsign: (Limo Service) will enter the AO from NW to help your fast evacuation at the exit points (west). About the same time two Apaches will be placed at your disposal to cover your retreat to the exit points. Expect that the Russians will be furious by that time and will be throwing to you everything at their disposal including the proverbial kitchen sink. Good luck and remember to leave no stone unturned. " Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9z2aTq5oxcqR3pnc3FMYTVJOEk/view?usp=sharing UPDATE: I have updated the version to (v3) Please use the link above to download again. Sorry for the incovenience.
  6. I have updloaded the following scenario to the proving grounds for playtesting and suggestions. I have playtested it myself and was ok but I am open to suggestions. As too many things happen within a limited timeframe this must be played as WEGO. Only Blue vs AI https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9z2aTq5oxcqVjE5aU9zR3pyQWc/view?usp=sharing I copy the briefing as a teaser: _______________________________________________________________________ Situation The Rock is a fortress-prison connected to land only by a bridge. In the central cell of the “Rock” is held a very important asset of ours. Our intelligence suggests that the garrison of the rock consists of two platoons or relatively inexperienced troops. A third platoon or so has established checkpoints and firing positions in the small village situated at the crossroads leading to the bridge. There should be some AFVs there as well. There is also an enemy QRF around 45 minutes away from the crossroad consisting of BMP-3s Your mission is to free the prisoner held on the Rock. Your forces A veteran infantry platoon approaching from the north is tasked with clearing the crossroads. Three elite squads of Seal Team Six with three extra breach teams, a light MG and a sniper team will approach the Rock from the sea and climb on the south wall. They will be in position exactly ten (10) minutes after the commencement of the operation Twenty five minutes after the commencement of the operation a fleet of Humvees will arrive from the north of the highway. This gives you approximately 30 minutes to defeat the garrison of the rock, free the prisoner and clear the crossroads. Once these tasks have been achieved half of the Humvees will reach the Rock and evacuate Seal Team Six and the prisoner and the rest will evacuate the platoon holding the crossroads, hopefully before QRF arrives. The bad news is that you are outnumbered. To counter this you must play your trumps with finesse: (a) the operation takes place during the night and under heavy rain. This will make your superior IR optics count especially if combined with smoke screens (b) The quality of your troops clearly supersedes that of the enemy. You should expect heavy losses during the mission but we confident that you will pull it through successfully at the end. Good Luck.
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