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Found 7 results

  1. Yep. I had to take a break from the monotony of making German shields for RT. Been messing with these for about a month and after much angst decided they were good enough. Coming to a Repos near you... Mord,
  2. About The Scenario This is one for the modern ‘Tread heads’ amongst you! This is a revised version updating the orginal to CMSF2, so you will need the base game CMSF2 to play this. Revised AI Plan using triggers; tweaked map using new CMSF terrain features and updated OOB for both Syrian Army and Rebels. This is SF2 version 2 which has a slightly reduced mission time based on player feedback. The actual scenario is very loosely based on events in Daraya, a suburb of Damascus where rebels from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have attempted to create a stronghold near Damascus centre. In August 2012, the Syrian Army defeated the rebel forces and took control of the town. After the failed rebel offensive in late July 2012 ,the Syrian army started a campaign against rebels in the Damascus suburb. This, the 2nd Battle of Darayya, is the ongoing battle between the Syrian Army and the rebels in the Damascus suburbs of Darayya. In mid-December when the Army intensified their attacks with heavy shelling and Tanks raids into the city. This scenario depicts an armoured raid, typical of the tactics used by the Syrian Army to seize control of Daraya. You can view the video which shows these raids using footage (often filmed whilst under fire) shot by the rebels Syria - Men versus Tanks in Daraya - The Powerful T-72 Raids So your scenario looks like the scenes in the above film I’d suggest modding your game using the following excellent mods links are to CMODS: Longleft Flank’s Shot up Building; Pete Wenman’s ‘Squalor’ mod; Pete Wenman’s BlackSea favour objects for CMSF2 Map and Scenario Size This is a fairly small map although it’s very built up. Map Size: 720m x 512m Forces: Syrian Republican Guard armour Vs Syrian rebels (combatants and fighters) Best Played As Can be played RT or WEGO. This is best played Blue Vs Red AI or H2H only. There are two RED AI Plans. If playing H2H it is recommended the more experienced player takes the RED side. The scenario is NOT playable as Red VS Blue AI. You can grab it from TSDIII at the following link: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2-2/cmsf-2-daraya-tank-raid/ Acknowledgments Many thanks to Buzz, Erwin and Snake Eye at the BFC forum who played through the early Blue Vs Red versions and provided a lot of feedback. Thanks to Lethaface and Sublime who played this H2H and provided excellent feedback in this regard. Thanks also to Slysniper who took the SF2 version for a spin and provided some useful feedback. Cheers Guys! Any comments etc you can email me at georgemc@blowtorchscenarios.com
  3. Recently I was introduced to this game, and it was totally new experience for me. I found it interesting how this game changes the way you think on a tactical level. Furthermore, I found few elements of this game that I would might want to change a little. After some time playing it, I've decided to make few steps towards allies and their operations. It was their equipment that made me interested. As a history lover, and as a person who enjoys this game I've started my work on few modifications. World War Two setting was an initial insparation for me. Modders that were modding World War Two games here were are masters of what they are doing. The amount of details that some mods are providing is mind blowing. I did quite a few mods here and there and I got a feeling that I will try to enter this room with a big hope to add something that will be enjoyed by other players in their battles. It is time for me to try myself in a big boys game. I'm not sure that everything what I will do will be 100% accurate - but I will try to do my best. With a deep respect to this community I'm opening my new modding space. I hope that some of you will enjoy my stuff. https://imgur.com/GmkEkY4
  4. Im playing this wonderful game for quite some time already, and today I've downloaded "Battle Pack 1" and was a little disappointed. Specifically I was expecting to see some upgrades for Ukrainian side in terms of equipment. Ukrainian army at this moment is one of the most capable forces in Europe, it has more than 250 000 men, in cooperates with Canada, USA, Poland, Lithuania, Germany and others. More than 30 countries are providing financial, technical and training help to Ukrainian military. Moreover, it produced tons of new stuff in last 3 years. Ukrainian Military got its hands on thousands of PVS's, it got thermal scopes, 12,7 mm sniper rifles (both imported and produced), it has more than a dozen types of new vehicles, APC's and UAV's. Yet, those are still not represented in the game. As I understood the universe of this game is sort of fictional, and that I understand. Yet, it would be nice to see at least some update on Ukrainian side within this game. I mean it would be nice to see few types of Ukrainian hardware and if its not prodused massively we could have higher prise and a sign "limited" or "experemental" in the pregame menu. You did a great job on highlighting some russian things and you did great job on making US side but could you please add some more stuff for Ukraine? I was writing to few people from battlefront team already about things like: BTR-3, KRAZ vehicles (of all kinds), rifles, sniper rifles, night vision, UAV's and so on. For example Ukraine got a lot of HMMWV's but everything we can see in the game is UAZ. It would be also nice to see some T-80 battle tanks for Ukrainian side as well. I like that with battle pack some formations were fixed tho, Ukrainian squads finally have 7 people in them (9 with BMP), but those are very small things. It would be nice to see new mortars called "MOLOT" in English they would be called "Hammer." Actually all of those things I've listed are actually there to say that "Hey guys could you please add some hardware for Ukrainian side for a more accurate representation and balance?" Yes I'm still destroying russians on "Ellite" in this game with what you already gave us, yet, it would be very nice to see some more for Ukrainian side. Think about it, it would bring that exotic thing in the game, everyone used to US against Russia in games, Ukraine is your chance to bring up a new taste of strategy, and so on. What is nice about Ukrainian military is that it has russian base and it is improved and perfected by western technologies and its own exotic inventions. Not all of them are massively produced at the time, yes some of them are not perfect but adding them would bring some balance to the game. The biggest competition within this game in my personal subjective opinion should be between Ukraine and Russia and not between US and Russia. In a conclusion I would like to say thank you guys for making this wonderful game, what im writing here is not criticism, instead while being your huge fan and fan of your series Im simply asking for some additional Ukrainian content. I dont know what you guys will add, and what you guys will fix, I bet it will be great, but what I really would like to see as a gamer is a little more hardware for Ukrainian side. Devil is always in details, if you will add some that will be awesome. From my side I already made my decision - I will always think that Combat Mission games are the best strategy games ever. Im bying your products and all latest updated, and I will keep on doing that. But please guys, add some stuff for Ukrainian side. Best Regards - Oleksandr. Oh last but not least (how could I forget) : Glory To Ukraine! Yaaay!)
  5. Good day to all of you my friends and my enemies (just kidding - love you all <3 lol). I have a very simple question for you - do you think that upgrading M60 MBT is a rational decision? Please elaborate on this topic. Now from my side I will elaborate on why I'm asking about it - > We have a lot of stuff in stock, and sometimes recycling costs a lot. So what we do sometimes is simply let those things rest in those feilds. But then some time ago I've noticed that there are different opinions about those tanks - some people, some organizations, some constructors are saying that there might be some chance for a second life for those things. So I've viewed few videos, rad few things, and went through some photos and I saw things like this: then I saw those Leonardo Upgrades: So what do you guys think about it? Do you think it got some potential or doing something like that (in large numbers) would be a massive waste of money? Another sub question: You think if some of those programs would be accepted it would be a product for American Military or it should be sold somewhere in Asia? Thank you for your participation. I know Israel was making its "Sabras" for some time.
  6. does cmsf has armor penetration system as detailed as 3.0 games?(like cmbs,cmbn,...) as you know, there is no armor hit decals in cmsf. but sometimes I saw MBT's ERA has partially gone by enemy AP rounds.
  7. I have had this idea for a VERY long time now and decided to go ahead and post and see where it leads. With the addition of hit decals to CM, BFC upped the cool/immersion factor by a mile. The holes and ricochets on tanks and vehicles really adds to the experience. But the one problem I find we have is that vehicles just still look too pristine, even after they have burned for ten turns or suffered a catastrophic brew up. Yeah, we have ragged holes but nothing else to tell the tale. That's where the After Action Series of mods step in. Having seen the pioneering work that Blimey, Umlaut, and Kieme have done playing with vehicle flavor objects and the manipulation of alpha channels and such, I thought it would be cool to try and start a series of mods that can be used to show more extensive damage to vehicles in game. They would look great in AARs or just plain old screen shots. Or if you only had one type of the particular destroyed vehicle you could load the mod and leave it for the duration of your game. Here's a before and after example of what I am talking about. These were done very quick and dirty just to illustrate and emphasize the cool factor. Imagine what they could be with some thought and effort. Yeah, the shiny decals would need to be addressed. The project is open to everyone. There's no rush, it's something that can be done over time, here and there. We have a lot of talented guys that haven't flexed their modding muscles in a while...MJ, DC, ahem. All I would ask of anyone is that you follow a few very simple rules to keep the project coherent. 1. When filling out the name in the File Title bar on the upload info form start it with AAS, so when it is uploaded to the Repos they will all be in order and people can find them together as a whole. Example: "AAS Destroyed Greyhound". A lot of us usually put our name first but in this case it would be best to have it further down the title or just put it on the promo screen shot. 2. Put "After Action Series" in your promo shot (that'll help identify them at Gaj's) and people will start to recognize it's a collection. 3. Announce your mod in this thread and we can keep an updated list of what's been made as we go. Though, It won't matter if guys end up doing some of the same vehicles and what not, you can't have enough carnage! I am gonna start a thread in each mod forum to cater to each flavor of CM. I hope you guys like the idea and will join in. Mord.
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