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Found 1 result

  1. There are several forum threads where we discussed smoke and how you were not able to shoot threw an established smoke screen. As a result some players compared smoke to a force field. However there was a work around. When you first observed smoke rounds falling you could order your troops / tanks to area fire through where the smoke was forming (usually correctly guessing the OpFor was going to move units in this area). As long as you got and maintained the area fire before the smoke screen became solid you could shoot through it. Once you stopped shooting (you let your Target Briefly expire) you could no longer re-establish your ability to shoot through the smoke and had to wait for it to dissipate. This was a good work around and is what was used. However after 4.0 it seems you can no longer fire through smoke at all. It really is like a force field now. I have even had a case where some of my own vehicles were kicking up a lot of dust and the cloud of dust drifted in front of a shooting vehicle causing the vehicle to stop shooting. The vehicle was on area target and should have fired until told to stop, ran out of ammo or had something really bad happen to it. Another frustrating thing about this is that the status block (lower left screen, green text) will incorrectly advise that the vehicle is aiming, firing, aiming, firing etc when it is not. I tested this in CMBS and one of the WWII titles (IIRC it was CMFB) about a month ago. The smoke / force field wasn't a huge deal as long as we had a work around for it. However 4.0 seems to have removed the work around. In theory if the conditions are right you could follow a smoke screen all the way into the OpFor main line of resistance. I hope maybe this behavior can be tweaked with the other 4.0 stuff that BFC is tweaking.
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